4 Reasons to Choose Powder Coating over Liquid Painting

Traditionally, manufacturers have preferred to apply a coat of paint to their equipment to provide a smooth finish. However, paints are limited in nature and cannot cover all surfaces. With industries in Adelaide using a wide variety of equipment to supplement manufacturing goals, maintenance should be effortless.

Here’s where powder coating provides immense value. With Industrial Powder Coating in Adelaide industries can save time and maintenance costs and extend the life of their equipment.

How? Here are four reasons why powder coating is better than liquid painting.

Dense and Sturdy Finish

Adelaide has a variety of structures, like railways, farm structures and even vehicle bumpers that are reinforced with powder coating. The primary reason is the increased resistance to wear and tear associated with powder coatings. These formulas impart durability to your equipment, protecting metals from environmental conditions while remaining intact. Additionally, powder coating is renowned for protecting the metal against one of the significant causes of damage – rust.

On the other hand, paint is susceptible to fading and may require frequent maintenance.


In an era where sustainability is taking precedence, industrial powder coatings are perfect in an environmentally-conscious region like Adelaide. Using powder coatings is also helpful in accentuating the ‘Sustainability Program’ of the city to combat issues like climate change and carbon emissions.

Powder coatings are prepared without the addition of harsh chemicals. Usually, chemicals are used to make the layers stick to the metal surface. However, powder coatings are affixed to the surface using their electrical charge, eliminating the need for solvents.

In comparison, liquid paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that linger and act as pollutants. Hence, the Environment Protection Agency also discourages their use, especially for large-scale applications.

Increases Lifespan of Equipment

Adelaide is considered one of the major cities in Southern Australia, contributing immensely to the region’s manufacturing sector. The high output can only be supplemented by decreasing issues like unplanned maintenance. This is where powder coatings come in. With the application of Industrial Powder Coating in Adelaide can ensure that the machines and equipment last for extended periods and successfully resist multiple weather conditions and other environmental factors.

You can choose to pair up powder coatings with regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust on the equipment. Together, these methods can ensure longevity and avoid interruption in the functioning of the machines.

Reduces Time and Costs

With Adelaide’s long and hot summers, it is essential to complete your tasks quickly to enjoy a much-needed respite from physical labour. Here’s where powder coatings offer another advantage. You can apply them quickly without waiting for additional time to let them dry.

Unlike painting, it saves significant time for your workers and does not interfere with their productivity.

Not to mention, powder coatings are synonymous with minimum waste and extended shelf life. These features help reduce the overall cost and divert it to other steps of the production process.

Final Thoughts

Adelaide continues to attract significant industries looking to leverage the sustainability plan of the city to revolutionize its products. Powder coatings are an excellent way to start. They are inexpensive, effective, and can be stored for long periods. So, take the first step towards environmental consciousness and purchase these resins now!