A perfect tool for ESL students

Following a first educational game that came out a year ago for younger kids, (ages 4 to 8 years :, Tradis is a simple tool that inspires students learning a second language to exchange and discuss everyday topics, no matter what language they are learning. It is ideal for learners of 12 years and up, but can be adapted for younger learners.

The game uses a unique set of cards based on everyday situations and events to spark exchanges between people, allowing them to focus on practicing the language they’re learning, not wondering what to talk about!

Tradis covers all sorts of situations one will most likely encounter while travelling, speaking, or exchanging in a second language, and can be used as inspiration to write a text, to discuss in an informal matter, or to use as an actual activity in class.

​For example: Randomly pick 3 cards in your deck. Exchange with the student across from you in regards to what the pictograms inspire you to talk about. The round is over when both parties have exchanged 3 times each.

Tradis is currently live on Kickstarter – perfect time to save on MSRP, and they have group discounts for teachers to enjoy!

Visit Kickstarter here to pre-order your copy at a great price now:

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan