Birthday Cake Delivery In Singapore – Ask Your Baker These 8 Questions!

Celebrating an occasion, especially a special one, without a fresh cream cake in Singapore and candles is just too unimaginable! Personally, I like handing out cakes to my friends, particularly during their birthdays. The essence of the cake is to make any event more memorable. Plus, it has been the traditional way of celebrating a birthday!

Whenever I order a birthday cake online in Singapore, I have a few considerations and questions to ensure their first sweet bite is absolutely irresistible! Below, I’ll round up some common queries I ask the cake baker. Bon Appetit!

01. What are your payment methods?

Before ordering a cake delivery in Singapore, I consider this first and foremost. Some bakers only prefer contactless payments, while others prefer cash. While many of them work fine for me, I always ensure to go for online transactions, so the receiver will never pay anything else.

02. How far in advance do I need before ordering the cake?

This question also matters whenever I order a birthday cake online in Singapore. The lead and baking time vary depending on the baker. Some offer same-day delivery with no advance time, while other bakers require at least four days to a week to make and bake your cake.

03. Can you design a custom-made cake? Or do I need to select from standard designs?

Whether a birthday, congratulatory, anniversary, or wedding cake in Singapore, one vital question and consideration when buying cakes is the design. Before ordering one, I make it a point to select a specific cake theme first. I choose one depending on the characteristics and likings of the friend who will receive the sweet bite!

04. How long can I store my cake?

I found this bake shop on social media, and it has been my go-to when ordering a fresh cream cake in Singapore. I find freshness a crucial factor in cakes. Fresher ingredients and baking mean the storage period can last longer.

05. What’s the cake delivery process?

The process of birthday cake delivery in Singapore is crucial. Ask the cake baker if they offer island-wide cake delivery. Does the distance have additional fees? Does the free delivery only come with a minimum purchase?

06. Do you also provide cake toppers, candles, and a cake stand?

When ordering a cake delivery in Singapore, I suggest asking if the sweet treat comes with candles, a cake stand, and a cake topper! Some toppers generally have additional fees, so enquire about this with your cake baker.

07. What are your options with cake flavours and filling choices?

Make it a habit to ask about this when ordering a birthday cake delivery in Singapore. If the birthday celebrant has their heart set on a particular type of cake flavour, ask the cake baker if they can make one for you.

08. Do you work with fondant or cream?

Whenever I get a birthday cake delivery in Singapore, I go for buttercream, as cream cakes taste better than sweet edible icing. But, if the cake baker uses fondant for decorative pieces, it’s acceptable, too, as this does not affect the flavour.

Zee and Elle is the only shop where I order a birthday cake online in Singapore! Definitely a must-try! Contact their team on their website today.