Car accident in Missouri? Check important laws here

A significant number of vehicle accidents are reported every year in Missouri. In the aftermath of a car accident, injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians often have a hard time understanding their rights and the state laws. If you were injured in such an accident, contacting a Jefferson City MO car accident attorney can help. In this post, we are sharing more on some of the important aspects that you need to know. 

What to do after a car accident?

The basic ground protocols after a car accident remain the same in almost every state- a

  1. Call the local police. You should report an accident, no matter the circumstances. Missouri also has separate scenarios, where an auto accident should be reported. If you had an accident that involved an insured motorist, or there was injury, death, or property damage excess of $500, you must file a report. 
  2. Call 911, when necessary. If you are injured, or someone is in need of medical help, call 911 immediately. It is also wise to check with an injury doctor as soon as possible, to know the extent of your injuries. 
  3. Take evidence. From the accident scene, you must take as much info as possible. Get photos and videos of injuries, damaged vehicles, and everything else that may have a role in the accident. If there were witnesses to the case, you should take their 

The statute of limitations

Like other states, there is a statute of limitations in Missouri too. If you want to file a civil lawsuit against the party at fault, you must do so within five years from the date of accident. The deadline to file wrongful death lawsuits is three years, counting from date of death, which can be different from date of accident. Note that the statute of limitations doesn’t apply to insurance claims, and you must inform the insurance company within a reasonable time. 

The pure comparative fault rule

Missouri is a pure comparative fault state. If you had a part role in causing the accident, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit, even when your fault is more than 50%. Your eventual settlement, however, will be reduced by your fault percentage. For example, if you were given $10,000 in settlement but were 90% at fault, you can still get $1,000. Remember, however, that the other party will also file a lawsuit against you. 

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