Consider These Factors While Finding a Generator for Your Construction Project

Having a good generator on rental means that the difference between your profitable and a failed project. Only a generator can make it possible to source power when there are natural disasters, power failure, and if you are working in areas without having any basic infrastructure.

While sourcing any generator, you might often wonder whether it will be a good decision to buy or avail a portable generator on rent. In addition, you may feel overwhelmed by the availability of so many different varieties of generators that you can choose from.

What we just mentioned are only a few things, there are many other factors to consider while selecting any generator for your need.

Find a company that can offer a generator that supplies power in capacity and size from 5KVA to 1.25 MVA. Therefore, whether you want to power up your emergency switchboard, main switchboard, or air conditioning switchboard or you want to serve your need for outdoor camping, they have the right solution for you.

So, the following are a few factors that you need to consider while having your power generator for your construction site.

  • Rental services or buying

Purchasing a power generator may result in tax savings for both you and your company. However, it necessitates a significant number of resources and may cause the organisation to incur further debt.

You can avoid the upfront cost of the generator and the hassle of storage, upkeep, and transportation when you rent. You also have easy access to generator rental at a much lower cost when you need them.

  • Solar generator

These generators are equipped with built-in batteries that will be charged using solar panels. Also, they have inverters, which convert the electricity from 12 volts to alternating current.

These are ideal for emergency preparedness that requires only short bursts of electricity and low power consumption. They are not suitable for supplying energy to large buildings or for commercial applications.

  • Gas generator

Gas generators are powerful, but they rely on fossil fuels to operate. They are excellent for powering homes and business enterprises, but they lack the power of diesel engines.

Also, gas burns hotter, putting more strain on the engine. There are also more components to be aware of and maintain, e.g., carburettors and spark plugs.

  • Diesel generator

The diesel generator is the most powerful power generator available. It is also usually a lot smaller than a gas generator and has fewer parts than a solar system. There is even less maintenance because there are fewer moving parts.

Water-cooled diesel engines can be used in the field for a long period before they need to be serviced.

  • NG/LPG generator

Consider natural gas and propane generators if you want to strike a balance between clean-burning fuel and economy. They are also excellent possibilities for businesses that have inexpensive and consistent access to these fuel types.

While they may not be the most fuel-efficient generators available on the market, they are adequate for powering homes and businesses. They also assist businesses in achieving their sustainability objectives.

  • Diesel-NG generator

Consider generators that can easily run on both natural gas and diesel for even more versatility. You can still accomplish your sustainable energy targets by making use of natural gas for the majority of your needs and then again switching to diesel for higher capacity.

In comparison to gas, you will also get the advantages of a low-maintenance system.

  • The capability of a rental service provider

If you just require a power generator rental on occasion and are normally in the same location for short period, you may not need a large rental firm. The more complicated your operations are, the more important it is to examine how well the organisation knows about the generators it hires out.

  • Running operability

There is usually a sense of urgency in the construction projects. If your equipment is not built well, it can succumb to wear and tear, overheating, and circuit tripping.

It is critical that the power generator that will power most of this equipment and machinery be even more resilient and capable of meeting the most demanding working conditions.

  • Noise

Noise levels at building sites in residential areas must be kept as low as possible to avoid affecting resident’s quality of life.

As a result, generators that create very low sound levels during active operation should be considered.

  • Pollution

Even if noise may not be a major worry, general pollution at building sites remains a major concern, with the authorities enforcing rigorous restrictions and corresponding penalties.

As a result, it is critical that you always get off on your right foot by investing in a liquid penetrant inspection line and a power generator that will not pollute the environment.

You must consider all the above options and depend on the location of your construction project, and you must take your best decision to choose your power generator.


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