Debunking 5 Misconceptions About O Level Chemistry Tutors And Tuition Centres In Singapore

Tutoring has become a part of every student’s life, especially in Singapore. In fact, it has become a stereotypical joke about Asians. When your Asian tiger mum sees you scored 17 out of 20 on a chemistry quiz, prepare to get sent to achemistry tuition O level.

Besides the stereotypical jokes about tuition centres, there are also tons of misconceptions that surround an O level chemistry tuition in Singapore. Whether these misconceptions are positive or negative, they can hinder your child’s academic progress.

For example, the perception that thetop O level chemistry tuition centres are only for lousy students affects the tuition centre’s students’ self-esteem.

Another perception is parents think that anO level chemistry tutor can improve the student’s academic performance with a snap of a finger. It puts pressure on the teacher and the student.

These perceptions, positive or negative, set unrealistic and false expectations of the service.

Common Misconceptions About O Level Chemistry Tutors And Tuition Centres In Singapore


This article will shed light on the most common misconceptions about O level chemistry tutors and tuitioncentres in Singapore:

MISCONCEPTION #1: Tutoring services and tuition centres are only for lousy students

All students in tuition centres are failing in school. Otherwise, they would not need supplemental education.

Well, this perception is inaccurate and needs more context. There are different kinds of students in an O level chemistry tutoring service in Singapore.

●    Students who need improvements

The first are students who need to improve. Students who are failing their chemistry class may indeed need support from a tuition centre. What makes tuition centres or an O level chemistry tutor from schools and a regular teacher is the approach.

Tuition centres may use different and uncomplicated approaches and methods to explain complex chemistry concepts.

●    Students who are ahead of the class

This part is where the misconception becomes inaccurate because the second group of students who attend the top o level chemistry tuitionare the decorated ones. Many intelligent students receive advanced lessons from an O level chemistry tuition in Singapore to avoid boredom in class.

●    Students preparing for exams

The third group of students are those preparing for exams. Tuition centres review the past lessons and give uncomplicated approaches to them to refresh the students.

●    Students with learning disabilities

The fourth and last group of students are those with learning disabilities. Since they have difficulties catching up with the lessons in a regular class, they seek the help of a privateO level chemistry tutor.

To say that tutoring services and tuition centres are for lousy students is inaccurate.

MISCONCEPTION #2: Tutoring is only for young students

Most parents think that thetop O level chemistry tuitionis only for young students, probably middle and high schoolers.

Did you know that there are also tutoring programmes in college? Sometimes, it is the student’s peers who teach them. It could also be a professional tutoring service.

Some licensing, bar, and CPA or CA exam takers also attend review and tuition centres to help them prepare.

There are cases where young students take lessons too advanced for their age!

Nevertheless, the desire to learn and master a subject or topic is never limited by age or what grade you are in school. Tuition centres are for all ages!

MISCONCEPTION #3: Tutoring sessions are a substitute for study time



Perhaps, parents or students get this perception from a home service one-on-one tutoring service. In this setup, theO level chemistry tutor goes to the student’s home and conducts the teaching sessions.

It may seem like a study time or session, but it is not. Studying is independent. The student’s study habits develop their discipline, time management, and independence. It is vital for students that tutoring is not a substitute for studying.

Although it is possible for the students to feel drained and burned out having to attend school, O level chemistry tuition in Singapore, and study at home.

Students and parents must find an effective strategy to balance their academic life and social life.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Tutors only teach hard skills

First, let us define hard skills. Hard skills are knowledge and expertise that are teachable and easy to quantify. Examples of hard skills are language proficiency, programming, and mathematical skills. These are obviously present in a chemistry tuition O level.

Now, what are soft skills? Soft skills, also known as intrapersonal skills, are subjective skills that are difficult to measure. Examples of soft skills are leadership skills, teamwork, work ethic, time management, and motivation.

Students also develop their soft skills by attending a top O level chemistry tuition. They learn teamwork and leadership by working with their classmates in group activities. They hone work ethic and time management when working on their school and tuition centre assignments.

Tuition centres also teach soft skills.

MISCONCEPTION #5: Online tutoring is ineffective

The demand for online tutoring services has soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many parents still believe that face-to-face O level chemistry classes in Singapore are more effective than the online setup.

Before believing in this misconception, weigh the pros and cons of online tutoring.

In an online setup, the student does not have to travel to the tuition centre facility; hence, they have more time and are less tired to study. They can also access their modules and learning materials by downloading them on their laptop and smartphone. They can also record the entire session and replay the recording when they want to review the lessons.

You cannot tell whether or not online tutoring is ineffective until you have tried it.


There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to enrol your kid in an O level chemistry tuition in Singapore. But one can’t deny that tutoring is an effective tool to unleash your child’s academic potential.

Nonetheless, don’t believe in these misconceptions when enrolling your child in a tuition centre.

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