Definition of Dedicated Server

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If you are launching a new business website, you are probably IBM helpdesk researching the various hosting options that are available to you. You will possibly come across an assortment of hosting types such as:

  • Hybrid servers;
  • VPS;
  • Cloud;
  • Dedicated servers.

Most owners not experienced in this field will have questions such as what a dedicated server is. To some the name seems obvious, but to many it is not. So, what exactly is a dedicated server?


This is the appropriate definition for a server that is dedicated:

“A physical server of an enterprise-grade which is used for hosting applications and services of a single hosting customer or client”.

 Cheap dedicated servers are normally used for the hosting of those websites that have:

  • High-traffic volume;
  • Multiple web applications:
  • Situations where execution is extremely important. 

Better answer to question

To better answer the question of what a dedicated server is, it is often helpful to begin with a comparison of the types of hosting. The most common hosting options include:

  • Shared hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • Cloud hosting;
  • And dedicated server hosting.

The major differences are that with a dedicated server, only a single client or customer website is hosted in a dedicated server hosting environment. With the other options for hosting, the infrastructure is such that a server is divided between two or more clients.  As an example, with cloud hosting platforms, the resources are divided from one physical server between several virtual machines. This is known as “multi-client” hosting environments with no one client getting the entire resources or performance of a server. 

Dedicated hosting

With dedicated server hosting, all resources on one server are used by only one client, so these hosting situations are considered to be the most powerful infrastructure for web hosting – no other option gives you more flexibility or power. 


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