Do You Know How Car Leasing Works?


The concept of auto leasing was started by the car manufacturers so that they can easily realize the expenses that were made to manufacture their cars. Besides this, it also offered an opportunity to car drivers to drive the latest car models. 

Today, this concept of car leasing has become so appealing that 30 percent of the cars are going out from dealership on lease rather than being purchased. Now you can lease any kind of vehicle, whether it is a subcompact car or a luxury SUV.

When you are leasing a car, then you only pay for its depreciation value that is based on the term of your lease, and also the interest and fees. Although the car lease concept looks very simple on the face of it, in reality, it is much more complicated.

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How are you going to lease your car?

Most of the steps involved while leasing a car can be quite similar to purchasing a car. Here also you must set up a certain budget, then select a vehicle that is going to fit all your needs according to your lifestyle.

You have to decide what you are looking for with your trade-in. Based on that, you must negotiate with any nearby car dealership. The negotiation part is actually the most complicated part of your leasing process.

However, if you hire a suitable broker then he can help you all throughout the steps so that you can get your best deal.

The following are the process that you need to follow while leasing a car:

  • Set your budget first
  • Know what is your trade-in value
  • Learn about your mileage
  • Learn how are you going to use the car
  • Learn your credit score
  • Try to find any good lease deals
  • Negotiate the price
  • Learn, how you can compare various leases
  • Try to time your lease
  • You must watch out for all the necessary required fees and taxes
  • You must read the entire paperwork very carefully
  • Try to watch out for any extra expenses

How car Leasing is going to be different from buying a car?

While buying a new car, either you pay its cost through a car loan or from your pocket. However, while leasing a car, you will only pay the difference between your car’s price and its anticipated value after the lease ends and interest and fees. 

After your lease term ends, you need to return back your car. There may or also may not be any lease-end costs, which are based on the amount of your security deposit that you made. You can then either buy your leased car at a depreciated price or lease another new car or simply walk away.

While leasing a car, you do not get the ownership and the title remains with the leasing company. Also, there will be a certain limitation of using and maintaining the car.