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Effects And Importance Of Positive Parenting On Holistic Child Development

Over the years, many psychologists and scientists have been working on child development and what affects it. Why are some children angrier than others? And why are some children quieter than others? Why do some children always say no? To find the answers to such questions many theories have been put out by psychiatrists and psychologists.

The answer to this is parents, or whoever they are growing up with. Parental behavior towards children can leave permanent changes. Theories like the PsychoDynamic Theory by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian Neurologist, state that a person’s personality is developed at the ages of 1 to 5.

Understanding Holistic Child Development

The way parents behave with their children gives birth to certain feelings, characteristics, and thoughts in a child. Therefore, a parent must be careful about what he teaches and how he behaves towards his child. Kindness and morality are very important to teach. From a very young age, parents are to speak softly and gently to a child. They are to act with morality, love, and be honest towards their children.

When a child is surrounded by all this it becomes the only thing he sees. Children learn from what they see and what they grow up around. An environment filled with love, care, honesty, morality, will encourage the child to act that way and will leave a very strong mark on his whole personality.

Promises are to be kept, this causes the child to trust you and not lie. Teach your child these manners by acting the same around them and teaching them with love and patience. Before having a child one must educate themselves on how to behave around children because sometimes kids can be tough. What are you supposed to do when your child throws a tantrum? What will you do if your child doesn’t listen and wants ice cream when it’s cold? When are you supposed to be firm with your child?

Final Thoughts

You must be aware of how the child can act at certain times, how to deal with them, and how to teach them without having an ill effect on them. Parenting classes and a lot of other ways like listening to parenting playlists, podcasts, lectures, can help you deal with your child better and teach them love, morality, humility, and honesty so it may become a part of their personality.