Exploring Everything About Commercial Parking Lot Paving

A parking lot is usually the first thing customers notice when they arrive at the companies. In the corporate world, the first impression is everything, so business owners should ensure it’s in their favor. Many businesses consider working with professional commercial parking lot contractors to put their best face forward. When it comes to paving parking lots, business owners tend to have some questions. This article will discuss the questions that could help one decide what’s best for their property and business. 

Can the New Parking Lot be Installed Over the Old One?

Like all construction projects, the commercial parking lot must have a strong base. Professional parking lot contractors inspect the old parking lot to know if the current base is firm enough to withstand and last for long or if it is just best to replace it. The base must be as flat as possible without any bumps, uneven surfaces, or dips to prevent further issues. 

Does Traffic Play an Important Role?

Yes, the traffic a parking lot will see daily majorly affects the materials to be used in paving the same. Do commercial parking lot have people coming through on foot, cars, bikes, or heavy trucks? The binder or base coat influences the strength of a commercial parking lot. In case of heavy traffic, the base coat should be strong enough to withstand the traffic weight. 

What is the Best Parking Lot Paving Method?

The most common commercial parking lot methods are asphalt paving and concrete paving. Taking about the asphalt parking lot, the professional parking lot contractors might suggest milling if the sub-base seems suitable. 

It involves removing the top layer of existing asphalt instead of pouring the new one on top of an existing surface. The removed particles are recycled and transformed into a new mixture. It is an eco-friendly parking lot paving method that saves time and money. 

How Significant is Proper Parking Lot Drainage? 

Water in any form can cause severe damage to the parking lot surface. For instance, ice can freeze and cause cracking and potholes in the paved surface, which is a safety hazard and an eyesore. Therefore, a commercial parking lot should have a functional drainage system as it will prevent buildups of standing water and long-term damage to the paved surface. 

How to Choose the Right Paving Material?

Asphalt is a flexible material allowing a commercial parking lot to breathe naturally. On the other hand, concrete includes a mixture of cement which will stiffen the paved parking lot once dry. Any imperfection in the base’s leveling could have some leeway with asphalt compared to those covered by concrete. Moreover, the sleek, modern look provided by the asphalt will elevate the value of the parking lot. 


The features that define the quality of commercial parking lot paving can be classified into four main categories. These categories are a smooth integration of existing pavement, a good gravel base, proper drainage, and attention to detail. A professional paving contractor can help pave a durable, sturdy, and attractive parking lot using different materials and tools according to the company’s needs.