Hiring Divorce Paralegal Services: What all to know?

Getting divorced is not an easy matter. It drenches you emotionally, makes you stressful and also takes away a good amount of your time. And of course, the hefty sum of money that you pay on hiring the services of a divorce lawyer. Well, to save the expenses on an attorney, you might even think of managing the entire legal procedure of divorce on your own. But, is it possible to file for divorce without a lawyer? Yes, it is possible! But, this task is quite intimidating. Therefore, it is recommended to take legal assistance when filing a divorce.

In place of hiring a lawyer or attorney for your divorce, you can hire divorce paralegal services and get the legal help that you need at a comparatively low cost. Yes, an experienced divorce paralegal will guide you in filling out all your legal applications and file the legal documents required for your divorce matter. On top of that, he/she would charge you a lesser fee as compared to a divorce lawyer. Therefore, if you want to save money in getting a divorce, hiring a paralegal would be the best option for you. And you will totally agree with it, once you learn everything about paralegal services. Read on further to know.

What is a divorce paralegal?

Generally speaking, a legal assistant can be called a paralegal a divorce paralegal specifically would be the one that offers assistance to a divorce attorney. A divorce paralegal also offers his/her services independently, for which he/she often charges less than a divorce lawyer. You can also choose from the different firms offering paralegal services.


But a divorce paralegal won’t be offering legal counseling or even won’t be representing you in your divorce case in court. However, a paralegal can help in preparing every sort of legal paperwork that is required during court trials. If you will be managing your divorce trials on your own, you can always hire a divorce paralegal for preparing your legal documents.


Things to look for when hiring the services of a divorce paralegal

If you are looking for the services of a divorce paralegal, you must consider the following:

  • You must make sure that the paralegal you are hiring has a professional attitude and a good personality to get along with.
  • Analyzing his/her customer service skills is another must to consider aspect. Check for the responsiveness he/she has for your emails or phone calls and also see how committed is he/she to work on your case.
  • Make sure that the office of the paralegal is neatly organized, and also check for his/her behavior with other staff in the office.
  • Check out if he/she is certified by an accredited program and also is a registered paralegal with the state government.
  • Since divorce is a sensitive matter, choose a paralegal holding good experience in such matters.


Is hiring a divorce paralegal right for you?

If you and your spouse are set to file a simple divorce case, then you must hire a divorce paralegal. You will get support from such services in every step of divorce. Ensure that your divorce will not involve child custody matters, or serious property disputes if you are thinking to hire paralegal services.