How A Swamp Cooler Operates And Functions

A swamp cooler is also known as an evaporative cooler makes use of the oldest and the powerful means of cooling. This method was first introduced by ancient Egyptians who adopted this traditional strategy to cool off in the heat. The role it plays during extreme weather conditions is one of the reasons why it is being adopted, modernized, and used today. The swamp cooler is unlike any of the cooling systems available. 

The discovery of ancient Egyptians made it possible for the modern swamp cooler to be invented. It was discovered when royals in the palace had their servants or slaves fan them while pouring water on their bodies. This method ensured that their body temperature was normal and prevented them from getting heatstroke. They were the first to discover that hot air is powerless and converts to cold air when it passes through water and air. Their discovery is what made us adopt the use of the evaporative cooler in a world where the use of electric fans and standard air conditioning system is now being used, you cannot underestimate the use of the evaporative cooler. 

A swamp cooler does not function well in humid areas because it adds water to the air thereby humidifying it. It works best in hot and dry areas where the temperature is on the high side. This evaporative cooler comprises a fan, Pad, and pump. The air passes through the opening on the house into the moist pad, the pump beings water from the tank and makes it available to keep the air moist. It uses the evaporation method. The evaporative cooler needs hot air for it to function perfectly. This is the reason why it is best to use during heat or hot weather conditions. It makes use of the evaporation method to replace the air in the house while ensuring that the one in the house is taken out. 

The evaporative cooler needs air to function and because of this, it needs access to an open window or door where air can be coming in without fail. It can also be used without restriction in an exposed environment. This is great for outdoor parties and events not to mention warehousing. It is not restricted to only indoor use alone. The mode of operation is very simple once it is connected, you are good to go. All you need to do is press the on button.