How Important Can an ITN Number Be?

AES or Automated Export Systems possess a few highly used acronyms that are not only frequent but also important. One of them being the ITN number or the Internal Transaction Number. Two important aspects surrounding the ITN number, namely what is it for international package shipping and what is its importance to exporters will be discussed below.

What is ITN Number?

The FTR or the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations have a mandate for their exporters to file their EEI or Electronic Export Information through the AES portal. It can be filed to AES directly by logging into the portal of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment with correct knowledge about the exporter’s key information. Once the EEI has been updated to the AESDirect, the server will generate a confirmation number, termed as the ITN Number, which ensures that the information was accepted by the portal and is on a file on the AES. The status column will be displayed with a green box that states that the application was accepted, along with the ITN display.

The ITN number is a proof that the exporter has filed, and this number should always be included in the bills and the SLIs or the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction; the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will know that you’re registered and will not cause hindrances.

Importance of the Number

  • It primarily forms a proof that you have filed and are a registered exporter. This also ensures the information filed is correct because incorrect information can lead to criminal and civil penalties.
  • The number ensures that the information will enable faster shipment of routed export transactions. It will ensure that the freight forwarders are working with the ever correct documentation and each transaction can be monitored upon. This can be done by running reports of your shipments as well as the third-party shipments that require your EIN. The ACE portal has a complete set of interfaces for the ease of filling up of shipment details.
  • The ITN number needs to be displayed on certain documents. Without the display of this number, the international shipments might land up in customs warehouses or to the storages of your freight forwarders. Clearit itn number ensures that your shipments do not get stuck at unwanted warehouses, and observe easy transit to the destination.

It is necessary to have the correct ITN number to avoid unwanted problems in the shipment process.