How to Choose the Right Coding Workshop for Kids?

It is no secret that children love to imitate what they see. They are the world’s best copycats, says the Michigan State University.

That is why when your child told you they want to become like the characters in Big Hero Six, that is a good thing. As you already know, as technology arises, coding would become an essential skill to have a job in the future.

Therefore, do your child a favour and sign them up at a coding tuition centre for kids in Singapore. There, they would learn various things aside from coding that they can when they grow up.

To make that happen, read through this guide.

Six Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Coding Workshop for Kids


Similar to adults, children learn better if they are in the right environment. That is why before you sign your child up, check out what kind of environment the workshop has in person.

Remember, what you see in photos and videos might be different in real life. In short, find time to have an ocular visit with your child.


Not all coding tuition centres for kids are the same. Some offer a better teaching style than others, while the rest are so-so.

To find out if your prospective coding workshop for kids offers quality education, get to know who teaches there. You should know that they are the foundation that makes the tuition centre as they are.

In other words, ask for the teachers’ portfolio and the coding competition they join and participate with their students in Singapore.  There, you would know how involved they are when teaching children how to code.


If you want to know what it’s like to learn coding at a workshop, check out the reviews from their previous and current students. Most coding tuition centres are transparent about the quality of education they have. Therefore, explore their website and view the testimonial page to gain more details about them.

You can even ask a parent who also enrols their child at the same coding tuition centre as you want to sign your child up. If the parent says that they had a wonderful experience, and their child learned a lot then perhaps, that coding tuition centre is the perfect fit for your child.


Time passes quickly, and your child grows faster in a blink of an eye. That is why before they learn coding from your prospective workshop in Singapore, find out what happens to all the students who graduated there.

Knowing what they are doing would give you an idea or a glimpse of your child’s future. As such, you can make better decisions if they are the right ones.


Learning how to code is not that easy, even for adults. That is why class size matters. The smaller it is, the better since your child could focus more on their lesson. Plus, if they have any questions in mind, their teachers can quickly answer them right away.

You should know that the ideal class size for coding courses is three to five students. Therefore, if the coding workshop for kids of your choice offers the same thing, your child might be able to learn best there.


The best way to figure out if the coding workshop for kids suits your child is to experience it in person. Doing so should help you decide if they are the right fit for your child.

Make sure when joining the trial class, bring your child with you and join them to learn how to code.

It might seem like many factors to consider, but taking all of these into account would make your search a lot quicker. You would be able to find and choose the coding workshop suitable for your kids or child.

Three the Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Coding Workshop for Kids



Understandably, you want to make things easier for your child, but would they learn to code there? If you are not so sure, consider widening your search. You should know that there are many coding courses available all over Singapore. That is why you should not limit your choices, particularly when it comes to your child’s future.


Not everything cheap is worth the price. If you want your child to receive a quality education, you should enrol them at the best coding workshop for kids. Make sure it has everything your child needs, from qualified teachers to the latest technology.


Nothing good happens if you decide things impulsively. The same is true when choosing coding courses for your child or kids in Singapore. Therefore, before you finalise anything and sign up your little one, ask yourself.

Is this the right coding workshop for kids? Can I afford the tuition fee there?

If yes are your answers to these questions, then they might be the right choice where you can sign up your child.

Be Smart When Choosing a Coding Workshop for Kids!

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Before choosing a coding tuition centre for children in Singapore, make sure you are ready. Otherwise, you might have a hard time choosing with several options to choose from, let alone find the best one for your child.

Note that your preparedness would help you find and choose the perfect coding tuition centre for your child or kids. You would be able to take your time and think things through and choose the right one as a result. That is why before you start your search, ask yourself, like how much are you willing to spend to let your child join this institute.

But if you think you are ready enough, you can start your search by going to Roboto Coding Academy. Try their free trial today to get an in-depth understanding of what your child could learn besides coding at this tuition centre in Singapore.

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