How to cleanse Pyrite

It is a pleasure to have shiny Pyrite outwardly similar to gold. You must have to cleanse your Pyrite before starting meditation. There are many ways to clean it, but no method should be used that will harm it.

Here sound, light, and visualization are three methods to cleanse Pyrite. It is simple and easy to use sound for cleansing pyrite. Tuning forks, own voice, or bells are widely used instruments in sound cleansing.

After setting intention, Let the sound energy clear your Pyrite. It doesn’t take much time to clean up with sound energy and is relatively straightforward. Only 10 minutes is required to cleanse Pyrite, but it may take longer if your stone holds a lot of unwanted energy. Another way to cleanse is the use of natural light. Cleaning pyrite with soft moonlight can also be a good option, especially when the moon is full because the different phases of the moon have different vibrations. It brings a strong discharge of energy. Place the crystal in your chosen area for the whole night.

Morning dew or moisture may damage your Pyrite. Visualization is the safest method. It involves human thoughts and energy. It sounds a little scary, but with a little practice, it’s easier to clear the crystal using visualization. Make sure to be in a comfortable position and hold the Pyrite in hand. Visualize a white light around the Pyrite shining brighter as the unwanted energies are being washed away. It takes at least 30 seconds, but so far, you can imagine the white light until you feel the crystal clear. The Pyrite can be recharged in three ways, one by burying it in the soil or by keeping it in the sunlight for a few hours or by using sage.

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