How to Grow Cannabis

For most cannabis users, the next best feeling after that long pull is growing their own cannabis. Growing cannabis is an experience on its own. You would need equipment like wholesale plant pots, good stock seeds, and the right knowledge. Here is how you can do it.

Plan the Entire Journey

You should first write out a plan for growing your cannabis from start to finish. Find information on the weather and climatic conditions and decide how you want the garden to be. If you intend to grow cannabis indoors, special preparations must be made. Find all the information you need and then create a plan to follow.

Get All the Equipment Ready

You would need the right equipment to grow cannabis. If you are growing cannabis indoors, you’d need a grow tent, wholesale plant pots, fans, thermometers, humidifier and dehumidifier, soil, and nutrients. If you are growing cannabis outdoors, you would mostly only need pots, pesticides, fertilizers. Finally, the cannabis seed. It is crucial to get good stock seeds of the variety that you want. You can get seeds from local shops or other cannabis growers.

Process of Growing Cannabis

Both the indoor and outdoor growing systems are similar in the procedure. The basic difference between both systems is that indoor growing allows for year-round cultivation while outdoor growing must follow the seasons and climatic conditions. Prepare for planting by putting rich, fertile soil into the pots. Add the proportionate nutrients and get ready. Then, plant the seeds.

Stage One: Germination and Seedling (3 – 10 days; 2 – 3 weeks)

Most growers recommend keeping the young germinant indoors for about four weeks before moving outdoors. Cannabis requires constant cold temperature and moisture to germinate.

Stage Two: Vegetative Stage (3 – 16 weeks)

You can continue to grow the cannabis indoors or move outdoors inside wholesale plant pots. If you move outdoors, set up in a safe place and protect the young shoots from pests and weather elements. May is the best period for moving the young plants out, so plant in early May at the latest. The plants will form vegetation, and it is time to train them.

Stage Three: Flowering and Pruning (8 – 11 weeks)

The cannabis should begin to grow flowers soon; this is the time to prune the male shoots and leave the flowering females. Stop any training and focus on enriching the plant.

Stage Four: Harvest Period

When the larger leaves turn yellow and begin to wilt, it is time to harvest. Collect the cannabis and get ready to enjoy some good time.