How To Motivate Children? Here’s What Parents Go Through  

How to motivate children? It all depends on the parents’ approach to education and their skills in finding the best solution that works for everyone in the situation. Another determining factor is their personalities and emotional connection with their children. Some of them might be strict – or what we call tiger parents – while others lean towards a child-centric concept that focuses on their needs.

This article is not about pitting parenting styles against one another. Besides, nothing can be superior to the other because people have varying personalities and backgrounds. In short, parenting tips in Singapore are not a one-size-fits-all thing. A particular early childhood developmenttechnique might work for you, but not the other person.

Instead, let us explore the things parents go through when securing academic success and achieving early childhood development. Read this article for more.


Parents have different reasons for securing the academic success of their children. Some want their kids to experience personal and professional growth in their respective careers. Think of doctor parents who are passionate about it. Naturally, they will instil a value in them that it is the best job they should pursue. So, the parents will enrol them in writing courses or trust an educational consultant in Singapore. It is to help them get the necessary skills they need in the future.

The second reason would be the constant need to provide what’s best for their children. It is also probably the thinking that their kids deserve the things they did not get to have during their youth. For them, taking writing courses in Singapore is a privilege that only a select few can enjoy.

On the other hand, it is just the natural need to strive for growth and success in all areas of life. An educational consultantadopts a holistic approach to learning – or something that touches all aspects.



We live in a society that puts a premium on numerical grades and outstanding marks. These things are not only about intellectual abilities but also the willingness, motivation, and skills in complying with a variety of academic requirements at their respective schools. It goes beyond the content of a project or comprehensive exam.

The second reason parents trust an educational consultant in Singapore is to improve their children’s future. Grades are not the end of it all, but they are a good starting point in succeeding. The child studies to get outstanding grades. Then they use those to process an application to the best universities or polytechnic institutions, then they graduate fully equipped and ready to take on the professional setting.

Lastly, succeeding in your learning years shapes your character as a person. Imagine being able to research a topic that you did not even think of or presenting a solution that might reinvent how people see things. There is so much to experience when you have the skills and motivation to succeed, and it is why parents value early childhood development.



Finding an educational consultant in Singapore or enrolling in writing courses is not the same for all parents. One might have thought of it and suddenly decided to jump into things, while the other probably had a challenging time scrambling for the best solution for their children. However, there is a common denominator in this journey.


The story begins with the parents experiencing a problem. Here are some examples of instances:

(1) The child exhibits signs of slow early childhood development. It can be speech deficiency, lack of motor skills, and other things that get them behind their usual age. Because of this, the parents get worried, and they wonder if their child has a severe condition or not.

(2) Another problem is when the child is already in kindergarten, but there are no improvements in their skills and abilities. In this case, the school is not ineffective, but the child may have deficiencies or problems that set them back.

(3) The last one is not a problem because it focuses more on the parents. For instance, both parents are successful doctors in their respective specialisations, so they want their children to do the same.


After identifying the problem, the parents look for viable solutions. First, it can be trusting an educational consultant for their expertise in early childhood development. They provide feedback and relevant advice to help the child. Also, parents should comply with whatever the professional suggests.

The second would be enrolling in writing, reading, and arithmetic courses in Singapore for additional learning. These classes are supplementary, and the child does not drop out of kindergarten or their current educational institution.


This stage is about solving the problem. The parents already know the best solution for their children. In this case, they attend writing coursesto sharpen their communication skills or learning sessions with an educational consultant – if the parents decide on one-on-one coaching.

Compliance is a determining factor in this part of the journey. Parents should supervise everything, the educational consultant provides the solutions for the issue, and the child attends classes or sessions wholeheartedly.

Lastly, always be patient with the process and do not expect instant results. Remember that learning takes time, and not every child has the same abilities and skill sets – they do things at their own pace.


The journey of lifelong learning and academic success does not end. Both the parents and child should maintain consistency in their habits. The former should be as supportive as the educational consultant in Singapore while the latter complies with the writing and other courses.

Early childhood development is not an easy process, and it is why parents should prepare for anything that can happen. Care for your child, and do everything that is best for them.

There are many parenting tips in Singapore, but only Carean Oh can solve your early childhood developmentissues and concerns. If you have anything in mind, contact her.