How to plan your CAT online preparation?


Aspiring to pursue a course of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in India is quite often synonymously used with the preparation of CAT i.e. the Common Admission Test. CAT is a test conducted once in a year, usually in the month of November, to shortlist the brains that are best fit for admission into the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) or any other recognized B-school in India. It is organized by any of the different IIMs each year.

To achieve the target of clearing CAT with flying colors, it becomes imperative to lay down a sound preparation strategy and abide by it diligently.

Factors Influencing Preparation Strategy For CAT

There are several factors that influence the strategy adopted by all the CAT aspirants. These factors either motivate or discourage them to go ahead with either online CAT courses or offline CAT courses. However, these same factors play a contradictory role in each of the methods of preparation. Hence, to lay a solid plan for online preparation, it is important to understand factors that can influence the online MBA entrance exam preparation of an individual as mentioned below,

  • Whether the aspirant is currently enrolled in a full-time or a part-time job is more likely to enroll for online preparation. If the aspirant is currently not working and is adamant to dedicate his time and energy to the preparation of CAT, he has the luxury to opt for any of the modes of preparation.
  • Financial stability is a very crucial aspect. If the aspirant is financially well, he can go for offline preparation. Whereas, in the event of financial vulnerability, online mode is a better option because it costs far less than the conventional classes.
  • The attitude of the aspirant and mental sharpness can influence the decision fairly well. If the aspirant feels he needs to be trained and has difficulty in understanding or developing a concentration in online classes, then he will definitely opt for offline mode. However, if he is self-reliant with strong self-discipline and a punctual attitude, the online mode can fit well.
  • The unavailability of good coaching institutes with expert and experienced faculty in the near vicinity can significantly lead the aspirant to opt for the online classes that provide the best learning experience.
  • Time left for the upcoming or the target CAT examination can motivate the aspirant to choose the best mode of preparation. For a lesser duration available before the target CAT, online classes work best.

Thus, if all of the above factors are properly evaluated before devising any strategy for CAT online coaching, then surely the chances of making the best of your decision are high.

How To Plan Your Online Preparation Of CAT?

Having thoroughly reviewed all the factors to decide to go ahead with the online mode of preparation, it becomes necessary to build a robust plan of preparation. Hence, online coaching for CAT 2021 can be structured properly by taking cognizance of the following aspects and working upon them sincerely,

  • Syllabus – Any planning for preparing to crack the CAT examination will work only if you understand the syllabus properly. It is important to review previous year’s papers and their syllabus along with the syllabus of the CAT exam you are preparing for so that you can prioritize your online study plan accordingly.

A typical CAT syllabus consists of three sections i.e., Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DI & LR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Hence, understanding their content and the depth of questions asked from each of them is extremely necessary. George Prep provides accurate study material for effective preparation.

  • Schedule– Developing a vigorous and stimulating schedule for pursuing online coaching is necessary. Since online coaching gives the luxury of adjusting and planning the timetable of study as per personal preferences, aspirants should take advantage of this luxury very judiciously. Allocating a fixed and a rigid time slot for each of the sections of the CAT syllabus is essential to score well in each of the sections.

    Aspirants can also select the section in which they want to enroll for an online class. With George Prep Students have the flexibility to align their priorities as it provides a dynamically personalized learning system.

  • Structuring and Phasing – Identification of weak and strong points is a must. Hence, each aspirant should structure the entire preparation into different phases so that a holistic study plan can be prepared and properly followed. Essentially, the very first step should be to learn the concepts followed by practicing those concepts for a considerable time period without much assistance. Next, the aspirant should start participating in personalized tests and mock test series with consistent revisions to strengthen the weaker points.
  • Duration – Duration of study is very important. Since the CAT exam is spread over a duration of 180 minutes, it is a good practice to develop the habit to study for long stretches in a single sitting. As the test is held online, the online coaching must be utilized accordingly, to derive maximum benefits for enhanced concentration and better solving skills with proper time management to tackle lengthy or tough questions with a calm disposition of mind.
  • Assistance – It is a healthy practice to have moral support to bolster the preparation for any exam. Hence, it is advisable to develop healthy peer groups and take help from the teachers or mentors for effective learning. It must be ensured that such online activities must not be misled into any kind of unnecessary social networking and wastage of precious time allotted for preparation.

    George Prep provides a social learning ecosystem so that students with similar doubts and learning requirements come together for collective and competitive learning. It also supports personalized mentoring from the best faculty.

Thus, enrolling for CAT 2021 online coaching must not be guided by any kind of impulsive influences. Instead, it should be based on sound and rational understanding to outshine in India’s most prestigious and toughest entrance exam for IIMs. George Prep takes cognizance of all the major and minor factors that are essential for a successful performance of the CAT aspirants.


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