How To Play Roulette Online

Watching a little white ball bounce inside your desired wheel with your fingers crossed is a thrilling experience. If you are new to the online world, do not worry, we will take you through the basics of Roulette.

Understand the basics first

A roulette wheel consists of 37 slots named with numbers. Amongst them 18 are black, 18 red and 1 is green. However, the American wheel has 38 slots. When you take a spin, a ball rotates around the edge of the wheel and comes to rest at a particular slot. The players have to bet on any of the random slots. They can also make multiple bets at a time. The player can make his/her bet on one slot or a combination of color, odd or even number from 1 to 12. The losing bats are blown off the table and the payouts are done. The pay-out is done in the ratio of 8:1depending upon the probability of the bet.

Learn about the buttons

When you are playing roulette online, you will use several buttons to control the game. Learn about the buttons and their commands.

  • Spin- To spin the wheel after the confirmation of the bet
  • Double- To Make bet Twice
  • Clear Bets- To Remove the bets if you lose the game
  • Undo- To Remove the previous bet
  • Rebet and Spin- To preserve your last bet and spin the wheel
  • Double and Spin- To double your least bat and spin
  • Rebet – To change the bet you placed

When you book a situs slot online to play roulette, take care that no one tells you that the number is “due” or you can get success on a particular bet. The chance of getting your lucking bet is the same for all the 37 slots.