Knowing the prices of Hero motorcycle models

Hero MotoCorp is that one brand that has worked its way to the top through sheer determination and hard work. A lot of people do not know or understand the brand. However, there is nothing that is hard to understand. The company has proven since 1978 to have a focus and a plan. This is what keeps working for them even with their Hero Motorcycle range of bikes. Most of the time, it is hard to trust brands that make bikes and scooters. However, Hero has proven to be a brand that the Indian people and bikers worldwide trust. That should not be something to take lightly. It is worth making the most of.

What makes Hero bikes unique?

Well, this is a brand that has been able to mobilize India by offering the country and most parts of the world a transportation mode that is affordable and safe. This is done through the two-wheeled method. It is also the company that made 4-stroke engines famous due to their reliable and frugal nature. It is the Splendor models that gave the brand its current respect and legendary reputation, although the Hero CD 100 began the whole process. Today, the Hero motorcycle Splendor range has become common to see and talk about in India, with many falling deeply in love with these models. It hasn’t been easy for this brand, but it has been worth it. That is just what should be the case.

Some pricing information for these bikes

The cost of Hero bikes mostly begins at Rs 49,224 in India, and this is for the Hero Super Splendor. This stands as the cheapest Hero motorcycle model. However, the most costly is the Hero Xpulse 200, which is currently Rs 1.55 lakh. The most famous Hero models also include the Splendor Plus, priced at Rs 65,610, the HF Deluxe, priced at Rs 54,650, and more.

List of realistic prices on the market

  1. HF Deluxe – Rs. 54,650 to 63,600
  2. Splendor Plus – Rs. 65,610 to 70,790
  3. Glamour – Rs. 75,900 to 85,920
  4. Super Splendor – Rs. 74,200 to 78,600

You can visit the website of the brand to check out more models, variants, and prices. It is always about being able to make realistic decisions all the time.

Any new bikes in the pipeline?

There are indeed new Hero motorcycle ranges that are in the pipeline. These include the Xtreme 200R, the electric scooter range, and more. All you should do is to always be prepared to obtain the right information about these. This will help you know how to save your money and also how to make these purchases as they should be. There are many bike brands competing with Hero. However, this brand still stands out and has proven to be the very best. The cost of bikes in India continues to go up. However, the Hero brand has been able to keep the prices of its motorcycles and scooters in a reasonable price range. So, anyone can decide to make a purchase now. It is all about taking the time to find the one that works for you. When you do, you can have the other things sorted out.


Knowing the showroom prices of the Hero motorcycle ranges helps you plan well before purchase. Making your budget set right is not wrong. It brings you benefits. So, always have that in mind.