Mandarin Course Singapore: 4 Myths About Learning Chinese

If you want to open more career opportunities, travel easily, and be immersed in rich culture, you must decide to learn Chinese in Singapore.

With China’s robust economy and billions of Mandarin Chinese speakers, many people are scrambling to enrol in Mandarin classes for adults in Singapore. However, some hesitate because of the myths and misconceptions about learning Mandarin Chinese.

Here are the truths behind the myths and misconceptions about learning Mandarin Chinese:

MYTH #1: You have to memorise all Chinese characters

There are around 50,000 Chinese characters, a vast disparity from the English alphabet’s 26 letters.

But did you know that even an educated Chinese can only identify 8,000 Chinese characters? You can read and understand a newspaper by recognising 2,000 characters.

Learning at least 150 Chinese characters from a Mandarin course in Singapore is enough building blocks to understand the logic behind more complex characters.

MYTH #2: Learning Mandarin takes ages

Some people think you should start learning Mandarin at a young age because mastering it takes more than a decade.

Chinese grammar is easier than in other languages, where the verb and tense changes will send you into confusion. But if you are consistent with studying and practice, you can speak and comprehend Chinese in just two years.

Today is the perfect time to enrol in a business Chinese course in Singapore.

MYTH #3: You have to go to China to learn Chinese

Living in a Chinese-speaking country will put your Mandarin skills to the test, but it is not that necessary.

Besides the IGCSE in Singapore, you can learn from online and offline Mandarin classes. You can make friends with native speakers online. You can also watch Chinese shows and movies to hone your Mandarin skills.

MYTH #4: Chinese courses are expensive

People choose to download unreliable language apps and software and watch free tutorials on YouTube to learn Chinese in Singapore to save money.

Chinese courses can be expensive but not as expensive as what people imagined.

You can only prove these myths if you enrol in Mandarin classes for adults in Singapore.

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