Motorcycle Accidents in Rockford: How They May Affect Victims

A lot of people in Rockford ride motorcycles because they get around and park easily. Also, these two-wheel vehicles tend to consume less gas and are fun to ride as the driver can take in views from the seat of their motorcycle. But, even the most careful motorcyclists can be involved in an accident, usually because of another driver’s fault. If you are a motorcycle rider in Rockford, you can minimize your risk of injury in a crash by wearing proper safety equipment and practice safe driving techniques. Also, you must hire a personal injury lawyer in Rockford if you have been involved in an accident to get potential compensation for the injuries you may sustain.

What Makes Motorcycles Less Safe than Enclosed Vehicles

Motorcycles are more prone to accidents than cars and other bigger vehicles because of the following reasons:

  •       They are not as visible. Motorcycles are smaller in size than enclosed vehicles. As a result, car drivers can easily miss them in their blind spots. Usually, those who ride a motorcycle can change lanes quickly and operate their vehicle around bigger ones in a way that makes it hard to see them. 
  •       They are not as stable. When compared to four-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles are not as stable. If a motorcyclist runs over something or gets caught in a storm, they may find it hard to regain balance.
  •       They are not as protected. A motorcycle does not have any protection against the elements. This makes them easy victims of road hazards or even dangerous weather conditions. This is true even if they wear proper safety equipment.

Common Injuries a Motorcyclist Can Suffer in an Accident

Because of the nature of motorcycles, those who ride them are prone to sustaining injuries like:

  •       Head and neck injuries. Motorcyclists can sustain these injuries even if they wear helmets. But, the severity of injuries is heightened when they don’t wear them. A lot of riders can sustain long-term cognitive issues or even lose their lives because of traumatic head injuries.
  •       Spine injuries. Often, during a motorcycle accident, a rider can be thrown from their vehicle. Such impact can harm their spine or even cause paralysis.
  •       Injuries to the lower extremities. Non-fatal motorcycle accidents can cause leg and feet injuries. Riders can suffer bruises, cuts, and abrasions. But, sometimes, they may also sustain fractures and sprains. The lower extremities are areas of a rider’s body that may not be equipped with some protection.