Packing Electronics for Your Move

Technology is now a significant part of life. Companies release new inventions every day to make life easier and more enjoyable at home. It is essential to protect your household electronics from damage during a move. Degradation to electronics is not expected, and the items will serve you for long. However, it is advisable to take special care when moving them. 

A moving company will have policies on handling electronics and other valuable items when relocating a client. In addition, you need to pick a mover with an insurance cover to ensure you get compensation for damages to your assets, including electronic, during a move. If you pack your items, it will help you know what to do. Below are some tips to help you pack your electronics;

Assemble the Supplies

Electronics require special wrapping to caution them from damage. Manufacturers engineer the original package for a device’s protection. It would help find the box to use for carrying an electronic during a move. However, you can assemble the right packing supplies if you do not have the original box for your appliance. 

You will require huge boxes that can fit the item. Moving companies have customized boxes to fit any item you have. Apart from the box, you will need bubble wrap to prevent the electronics from wearing due to friction and impact. Also, use old clothes or bedsheets to make the packaging firm and limit movement of what is inside. Use plastic tape to hold the package together and to close the box.

Take Precautions

Suppose you have important information you do not want to risk losing on your computer. In that case, it is advisable to back-p the files before packing the device. You can lose the data if the package falls, and it is necessary to take precautions when necessary. Remove any cards or media to protect them from damage. 

Remove the Connections

When packing electronics, do not leave the wire connections, as the parts will likely damage. You can take photographs of the connections to know how to plug the cables back if you think you will not remember. Roll the wires to maintain them in good condition and store them in plastic wrapping for safety. 

Secure the Important Stuff

Losing a remote may limit you from using an electronic. It is best to put the items in a separate bag since you can quickly lose them during a move. Remove the batteries and wrap them in a different package. 

Added Protection

Dust damages electronics, and you need to protect the devices from the particles during a move. The initiative entails taping the part with the fan or using bubble wrap. Also, you can add moving pads to make it easy to load and offload.


It is beneficial to keep an inventory of all the electronics you have to ensure you can account for them once you arrive at your destination. Still, do not label the boxes to prevent the chances of someone stealing your expensive electronics. 

James Sullivan
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