Promotional T-Shirts Online: Guide to T-Shirt Printing

Are you planning to print T-shirts for your business? Whether they are promotion t-shirts for normal people, your team or the volunteers, there are several ideas you can look into for better design. Now whether you are going for the logo or some heavy design an important part is the size of the graphic you are trying to print.

Areas to Print on a T-Shirt

You may not want to go basic and print the design just on the front and back and be done for the day. There are many other areas that will make the design look cool.

Full Front

The graphic takes up the entire area of the front of the T-Shirt and will smack the brand in the middle.

Full Back

An elaborate design can be printed on the back. The area is generally supported by the design on the front.

Other Areas

  • Top Back
  • Across the Chest
  • Pocket
  • Short Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve

Size of Image to be printed on the T-Shirt

Printing custom designs on T-shirts is not an easy task. You need to take the size accurately so that the design is printed at the exact place you want it to be printed. Whether it is text or design, correct placement will make the T-Shirt look far better. Find Affordable promotional t-shirts Online for your needs.

Measuring a T-Shirt for printing

Use tape to measure the sample of the T-Shirt, create. Similar mockup and leave the edges on each side for printing. The idea is for the design to be printed on the intersection of the central line that runs vertically and horizontally. This will give you the perfect placement of your design each time.

Do you have to pay for every Ink colour?

The final thing to keep in mind is the number of T-shirts you get printed. It is similar to getting boxes printed. The more colour you use, the higher the price will be. If your design only has 1 ink colour you can try screen printing or heat transfer technique to do the printing at a low cost.

The right contrast of colours looks great on T-shirt and can work when going for a simple look.

When going for a full-colour design you will need costly full-colour printing. While size and colour suggestions are not finally get your t-shirts printed right now.

James Sullivan
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