Reduce the Overall Expenses on Printing After Using Tips to Save Ink

When it comes to purchasing a printer, the price represents only a small portion of the total cost. The major cost depends on replacing ink cartridges when the printing ink runs out. Ink cartridges should be replaced regularly, if you own a business that requires a lot of printing or if you print a lot of images. These additional costs will quickly build-up, but there are ways to save money by making your ink cartridges last a little longer.

Saving ink cartridges doesn’t mean compromising on quality. It simply means to use brand ink economically. Making a few changes in the setting will also help in delivering good printouts with minimal ink. Thus, you can buy a good brand OEM ink rather than comprising on cost and getting a low-quality ink at a cheaper price. Some authorized online stores sell authentic ink and toners for printers.

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Here are some tips to save ink in a printer –

  • Know your printer: Read the specifications of the cartridge properly to know how they’re designed to work on a printer. Many printers with a default setting of higher resolution will use more ink, thus knowing the specifications of both cartridge and printer will help you understand the number of how long the ink will last.
  • Buy bulk: Buying a single cartridge will cost more than buying in bulk. Many companies give good discounts on XL cartridges when bought in bulk.
  • Enroll in Instant: Some companies also provide an instant subscription plan where they will get new cartridges shipped to their office or home before they run out of the old cartridge. This is budget-friendly for those who consume a lot of ink in a month, the company charges a minimal monthly fee and sends cartridges within that fee.
  • Grayscale: Change the setting to ‘grayscale’ so that your printer uses only black ink while printing out black and white print. You can also shut off the color ink cartridges if you don’t need them for a time.
  • Font Size: Choosing a font size like Calibri, Century Gothic, or the classic Times New Roman will save ink than choosing Arial font which uses 27% more ink.
  • Color segments: Choose a printer that divides the colors into three smaller cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow) so that you may change the empty one without wasting the rest of the ink.
  • Print only necessary items: Examine how many of your most recent print jobs were necessary and see if there is a trend to squandered jobs. Instead of printing materials, save them on your computer or view them on an e-reader.
  • Maintenance: Printer jams and filthy printheads can cause the ink to leak from your cartridges or cause printer problems. Regular maintenance will help to protect your machine and ink waste.

Always shop around before choosing a printer. Some brands may sell economical printers, but their refill cartridge is expensive. Use your peer’s and friends’ advice who are already using printers.