Severa Bone Fractures you Could Suffer After a Car Accident

A car accident can lead to devastating injuries including broken bones. It increases the chance of a structure due to the impact. Although nearly any bone is at risk for a fracture, some are more commonly broken in a car accident than others. Any broken bone can you have suffered from pain and unable to perform some tasks. That is why you must get compensation for your injuries with the help of an experienced Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer. A car accident can leave you with the following bone injuries:

Broken Collarbone

A broken collarbone is quite painful. You can’t use a cast to heal this kind of bone. You can expect to suffer serious pain for weeks while you wait for the bone to heal.

Broken Arm

A car accident can leave you with broken arms. However, a broken arm is something you can’t ignore because it’s painful. In fact, it can prevent you from doing daily tasks. With a broken arm, it may be impossible for you to eat, work, or take care of your kids.

Broken Foot

The foot has 26 bones that are susceptible to fractures during car accidents. If you have broken feet, you could be in extreme pain for weeks after the crash.

Broken Jaw

It is common for car accident victims to suffer from a broken jaw which is quite painful. You can’t eat or talk for weeks since your jaw may be wired shut by a surgeon.

Broken Toe

Although a broken toe might seem minor, it is quite painful. We all have to depend on our toes for walking and functioning. Thus, if you have a broken toe after an accident, you might not be able to move, work, or perform much of anything that requires walking.

Broken Leg

Typically, a broken leg is serious and requires surgical treatment and months of physical therapy. You could suffer from extreme pain, depending on the bone.

Broken Hand

The 27 bones in your hand are susceptible during a car crash. Often, you will suffer multiple hand fractures that could leave you permanently disabled and unable to work, eat, or drink.

Broken Finger

The impacts and airbags during an accident can break your fingers. But, such breaks are less complicated than a full hand fracture.

No matter what bone fracture you suffer after a car accident caused by someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. You can explore your compensation options if you consult a car accident attorney.