The Adulthood with the Best Dating Choices

The transition from adolescent to adult is subject to changes that affect all levels of life. Although we maintain our essence, there are personal characteristics that vary and that end up affecting decisions. On this occasion, and taking into account the exceptions and that not all women seek to mate, we analyze their preferences during the most decisive stages of their life in the sentimental field.

  • Teens, in general, are cocktails of hormones, emotions, and idealizations that nurture the brain and explode it in countless movie fantasies. That is why, in the case of heterosexual girls, they look for that tall, handsome boy, older than them and with a rebellious touch: a full-fledged scoundrel.
  • In American fictions, these guys would get balls out of the stadium without disheveled. And it is that they do not care if the boy is a good uncle or not. What they want is to reach their Everest, that is, to like the popular boy, usually with a motorcycle and who plays with the limits of the law. John Travolta in the 70s or Quimi de Compañeros in the 2000s. They are looking for a leader. Sometimes having the best boy allows them to gain popularity and rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of high school. The idealization of the man by the woman reaches its zenith at this moment in life, where the instability of the adolescent clouds reason. This is why you will feel better with Spanish women dating.

The matter changes

The seriousness of the studies and the appearance of the first responsibilities furnish the brains of women and away from the high school environment in which they used to be bitter about trivial matters. Before, the man acted as a leader (as long as he was older), but at this age, the girls remove the complexes and use their intelligence. Nobody can with them. In this sense, they do not need any alpha males, so their preferences try to balance their own personality.

They value company, good times, sex, common interests, and activities that feed their spirit. They also want to have fun, of course! But they are looking for a boy who makes them enjoy themselves without having to risk their lives in a stolen car. The burning tire on the road has passed away. They also value the intellectual aspect more, which in the past would have been an unnecessary extra. The idea of a possible relationship with Spanish women makes a lot of decisions, where there are no more clowns and good guys with personality prevail.

At this point in life, almost all people, whether men or women, seek stability

In the case of heterosexual girls, the physique of their partner, more important in previous years, ceases to occupy a leading role and it is maturity that occupies the first position in the race. No more kids who had doubts or who made them doubt; the half measures, the ridiculous piques and the obsession with the physique are over. No more useless tears. The most important thing, in addition to the attraction and rapport that is taken for granted, is the possibility of starting a serious project of common life. For this, men with the emotional age of an adolescent do not serve, but those with a certain solvency who seek an interesting and realistic future are.