The Best Movie Of Brother Love

With the emergence of COVID 19 pandemic in the year 2020, the OTT platforms gained huge popularity. Previously people could hardly think that someday movies will be released on apps and other software programs rather than cinema halls. But COVID 19 pandemic has made this possible, and the human beings on earth witnessed what revolution technology can bring on the earth’s surface. It could never be thought that people can watch a newly released movie from the comfort of their home instead of running to a cinema hall.

On the OTT platforms, people can watch newly released new movies online and watch their favorite old movies, which were released years and decades back. Besides an internet connection and subscription to a reputed OTT platform, an individual can watch his favorite movie at any time as well as from any place.


The movie Moothon or internationally known as “The Elder One,” is a Malayalam language drama film released in 2019. Geetu Mohandas was the director as well as the writer of the movie. It was jointly produced by S. Vinod Kumar, Anurag Kashyap, Ajay G. Rai, and Alan McAlex. It was made by three production companies that include JAR pictures, Good Bad Films, and Mini Studio. The movie runs for 110 minutes, starring known stars like Nivin Pally, Shashank Arora, SanjanaDipu, SobhitaDhulipala, Melissa Raju Thomas Roshan Mathew. The movie’s story is about a young teenager who tries to gather information about a fearless gangster named Akbar who ran away from love.


The movie Moothon tells the story of a young boy named Mulla (SanjanaDipu) who came to Mumbai from Lakswadeep searching for his elder brother Akbar who is now a fearless gangster. The teenager reached Mumbai by getting up in a boat, but he was sent to an orphanage once he reached Mumbai. In the orphanage, Mulla befriends Raju, who asks Mulla to find his mother, Rosy. Mulla subsequently finds Rosy, and Rosy finds Mulla a job selling tea.

Eventually, Mulla was kidnapped by a child and drug trafficker known as “Bhai,” who has Mulla’s brother Akbar. Though Mulla remains in the dark about the real identity of Bhai, Akbar comes to know who Mulla is. The next part of the story reveals that Mulla is not a boy rather a girl and how Akbar tries to protect her. But, the story of Moothon then has many twists and turns, and it does not end on a happy note, where Akbar dies and Mulla ends up in a brothel.

In the end

This is a movie that is capable of leaving ever-lasting information in the minds of the viewers. And by subscribing to a good OTT platform, you will be able to watch this movie and certain other action movies online any time you want.