The reason why the royal family has a long life span

About royal family

Nearly 30 monarchy all over the globe today the most famous monarchy comes from UK (United Kingdom). Around year 827, king Edward started conquering many kingdoms and eventually became the first ever kind of England.

Later after thousand years of passing away, Queen Elizabeth ii from the family generation of kind Edward became the queen of England. Now, there is a total of 16 members in the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II.

This includes many of her grandchildren’s who are Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis –Kate Middleton’s children and Prince William too.

There were many factors from which Queen Elizabeth II became the queen of England. Not going into further detailed history lets us know the reason how come the Royal family lives a long and healthy life.

  • Healthy diet

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II has one of the longest and successful living queens from all the monarchy all over the world. Because of the fact that Queen Elizabeth II never lose to have a good and healthy diet.

Taking it further, they never do smoke or intake of any drugs which can affect their body. Therefore, even at the age of 93, she has an iconic and energetic lifestyle living. Not only the queen but also the grandchildren and children and the whole royal family follows up a healthy diet.

  • Best access to medical facilities

To be an honest royal family has the best medical facility e given all over the world. Medical facilities like different types of medicine, medical advice and also mental guide, i.e., counselling, are provided to everyone who is part of the royal family irrespective of their gender and age.

This adds to the second reason, which helps to keep the royal family healthy and give a longer life span.

  • Fresh and nourishing environment

Every member of the royal family has been surrounded by a charming and nourishing natural environment.

Obviously, they don’t stay in small shackle homes. The fact that staying around a large opened palace is indeed a good reason for a longer life span. They have always got clean floors, crystal clear water supply, ambient lighting and more on. This makes them live in a clean and nourishing environment.

  • Healthy habits

This is also one of the most reason why the royal family has a longer lifespan. Every member of the royal family has a good healthy habit throughout the day. Keeping good healthy habits assist the body to stay fitter and more energetic.

In the royal family, there will always be a fixed time for a meal, a fixed time to wake up, a fixed time to sleep, practising exercise, etc. Almost everyone follows the routine chart consistently.

  • Good gene

Definitely, it is not a matter of luck for queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to have such an amazing lifestyle at the age of more than 90. Here the gene of the royal family also plays the role. Members of the royal family probably have a good gene in their body.