The Ultimate A Maths Tutor Face-Off: Online VS Offline Tutor

If your child is having difficulties at school, lagging behind their lessons, and getting frustrated while answering their maths homework, these are the signs that you need to call for reinforcements. And reinforcements mean the best A and H2 math tuition centre in Singapore.

Tuition centres are private educational institutes that coach, tutor, and assist a person or student in improving school performance or in preparation for crucial examinations.

You can find tuition centres that tackle different subjects, but the most common is maths and arithmetic. But your journey to enrolling in Amaths tuition in Singapore does not end with choosing the right tuition centre. Many cram schools offer two services: an offline tutor and an online tutor.

But which of the two is suitable for you? Should you get an online Amaths tutor? Or offline maths tutorial sessions are the best choice for you?

 Online VS Offline Maths Tutor: Which One Is The Best For You?

In this digital era, many tuition centres have taken advantage of computers, availability of internet connection, and convenience teleconference software. They now hold online tutorial sessions. Yet, many are still unimpressed with online lessons and prefer to stick to offline or face-to-face classes with an A and H2 maths tutor.

Here is a quick comparison between online and offline maths tutors.


Online Maths Tutor

Believe it or not, many tuition centres price their online and offline classes almost the same. Sometimes, you might find the online group class of a JC H2 math tuition centre with a price lower by SGD 10.00 or less than an offline group class.

Online maths tutors are more cost-effective because they eliminate the need for the student to travel. Travel and food allowance add to the person’s tutorial expenses. Most tuition centres send digital copies of the learning materials.

Offline Maths Tutor

As mentioned, a student attending face-to-face classes at an H2 math tuition centre has to spend money on travel and food allowance, besides the tuition and module fees.

There is also an in-home tutoring service where the tutor goes to the person’s house to teach. However, its price can be slightly higher than regular physical classes in tuition centres.


Online Maths Tutor

The best thing about having an online tutoring session from A maths tuition centres in Singapore is you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home.

Online maths tutors and students solely depend on technology, such as computers and internet connections. Students can access their handouts anytime and anywhere. Rescheduling of the class is not as hectic as in-person sessions.

However, the reliance on technology has some drawbacks as well. For example, power interruption or the lack of equipment could interfere with the usual classes.

Offline Maths Tutor

In physical sessions, the students must visit the JC H2 math tuition centre to attend the class. The comfort depends on the classroom itself. Many tuition centres today incorporate technology in their classrooms. Others have air-conditioned classrooms for better comfort.

Classes in tuition centres follow strict schedules; rescheduling can be bothersome to many.


Online Maths Tutor

When it comes to ensuring students’ self-discipline, online classes may have some drawbacks.

Although an online Amaths tutor teaches the student in the privacy of the student’s home via teleconferencing, it doesn’t mean there are no distractions. Having your cellphone with you, the sight of your bed and TV, and even having other tabs open on your computer whilst having lessons also serve as distractions.

There is also no direct interaction between the teacher and student. Such interactions are essential in building social skills– a bonus life lesson students learn from physical classes.

Offline Maths Tutor

Offline classes with tutors can be a double-edged sword.

Your classmates in a group class, usually composed of five to eight students, can be a distraction. However, they can also be a reinforcement. Students can arrange group studies together and provide moral support to one another. Moreover, the interaction helps develop social skills.

Additionally, the physical class allows immediate correction from your H2 maths tutor. In an online class, it may take your teacher hours or days to reply and explain your mistakes or answer your inquiries.


Online Maths Tutor

One of the advantages of online tutoring classes is you can find many maths tutors on the internet. You can choose anyone you like without considering the location. You can even hire an H2 maths tutor from abroad since the classes are all in a remote setting. You can easily replace your instructor if their methods do not match your learning style.

It has some drawbacks as well. For example, many online maths instructors have poor credentials and no teaching experience. Some of them are tutoring students as part-time jobs.


Offline Maths Tutor

It is not easy to find an A maths tutor for physical classes. As much as possible, you want someone near your vicinity.

The good thing is the best H2 math tuition centres in Singapore only hire qualified and experienced tutors. You don’t have to worry about the quality of education you get.


Online Maths Tutor

Assuming that both online and offline tutors have competitive credentials and experience, the quality of teaching boils down to the medium used.

Online maths tutors use technology as a medium. They can present their lessons in a very visually attractive way. They can use games, too!

On the other hand, the modules can be sent and accessed through cloud and drive, which is

more convenient.

Offline Maths Tutor

Offline maths instructors don’t stick to old textbooks. Classrooms have projectors that can be used in class, too. Similarly, they can use visual aids and games to teach. The fun and excitement are heightened if you have your classmates physically participating as well!

Online or Offline? Which is better?

Online and offline have their benefits and drawbacks. It is a case to case basis when it comes to suitability. If you need a flexible tutorial session, get an online H2 maths tutor. If you want more interactive sessions, you can enrol in Amaths tuition centres.

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