Tips To Add Oil Paintings Or Wall Art In A Home

Walls filled with mass-produced prints, photographs, and inspiring quotes are popular. However, the surprising trend is returning to the classics, the oil paintings. You must have experienced watching them at the art gallery. If you moved to a new space then staring at the blank walls makes you think about how to give them personality. Visit the Lana Zueva website and check the oil paintings on display.

You chose an artwork you adored and framed it. Now, figuring out how to display this artwork also needs some brainstorming. It is the time to get creative and without hesitation reveal your personality. Here are some pointers to help you add the wall art, in your home.

  • Never stick to specific rules, when you plan to hang the wall art. It is your way to express your character. You can go simple and elaborate. Hang a single painting or 20 family pictures, sculptural objects, or artwork. Something that is not meant to be technically hung does not mean you cannot make an ingenious addition.
  • If your space is small then finding an entirely blank space on the wall waiting to be set is impossible. So, consider the area you will have to fit an art. Even make sure that you will not need that wall space in near future.
  • If you plan to hang a few oil paintings by Lana Zueva on a single wall then the arrangement must not be centered. Use odd numbers and even mix photographs with the oil paintings or add your favorite mirror/clock, be bold. Position the largest art piece in the center and then lay the other artwork. Test the arrangement on the floor before actually committing to the wall.
  • If you are a minimalist and organized person then embrace symmetry. Use a level to even the paintings ideally. Ensure they are all hung straight.
  • Art has to be hung at eye level, just like in the gallery. From floor have art in the third wall section [4 horizontal sections from floor to ceiling]. If you hang oil painting above the sofa then hang it one-hand’s width above the sofa. Never hang art too high!
  • Many homes have white walls, which can complement any kind of artwork, textured backdrop, or painting. If the walls are lined with wood or painted then ensure that the oil paintings’ color and tones match with the space.
  • Never overlook the artwork frames, especially when you will hang them in the living space. It will serve as a focal point. You can go vintage, monochromatic, or modern the frames will bring as much personality and style as the oil painting itself.

Get to know about Lana Zueva and her styleShe reveals her style via oil paintings. Her still life artwork the juicy lemons oil painting is a great option for the dining room. Make sure that the oil painting is hung away from heat and moisture. Even kitchen and dining areas need an artwork!