To Hire or Not to Hire: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Estate Agent

Many first-time landlords in Limehouse experienced this: the confusion between hiring an estate agent or doing it on their own. If you are asking us, we think hiring a reputable estate agent Limehouse is the way to go. And here are our reasons why.


If you are in the shoes of the tenant, you would rather trust a company that has been established locally for several years than one person you do not know of. These estate agents Limehouse are armed with accreditation, which means they have the qualifications to handle your property.


It goes hand in hand with trust. A tenant would prefer to deal with an estate agent because they know they are protected. It all boils down to finances. They trust them more when it comes to dealing with landlords.

When dealing with estate agents, they know that they are in good hands and, so, is their deposit. We have heard a lot of horror stories about landlords who ran away with the security deposits of the tenants, which is far from ideal if you are dealing with a private landlord.

Tenants are becoming more discerning, not only on where they want to live but also of who they are dealing with. Hiring an estate agent will negate their concerns about their finances.


When a tenant is dealing with an estate agent, they will not only feel financially secure but reassures them that the property they are deciding to rent is fit for rent. Furthermore, the tenant will feel that the place is somewhere safe for them and their family to live.

Using an estate agent Limehouse with a good reputation and fully accredited will lessen the worries of the tenants and make the property more attractive.

Peace of Mind

There is a term in property law called Quiet Enjoyment. It means that the landlord should not interfere with their tenant’s right to enjoy the property. Not only to the tenant but those working on his behalf. This is something that not every landlord upholds.

When the landlord is working with an estate agent, the tenant knows that they will be left in peace. That the inspections will be properly arranged and managed. It allows the tenants to live in peace without interference.


Lastly, getting an estate agent for your property will give you a professional image that is hard to achieve when acting as a private landlord. Getting an agent from a company operating in the area for more than 15 years represents honesty and integrity.

When a tenant is dealing with an estate agent, it gives them the impression that they will have a trouble-free tenancy. It also works well with the landlords.

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