What To Look for When Considering to Place Bets with A Mobile App

What To Look for When Considering to Place Bets with A Mobile App

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular activity in countries that love and admire sports. It has become a less taboo subject too because of how easy it is to place a bet these days. Thanks to the internet anyone can comfortably place their bets on any sports events without leaving their homes or while watching matches live.

Whether it is the NBA, the NFL, the English Premier League, the Indian Premier League, or the ICC World Cup, there will always be a gambling operator that is ready to take your bets. You can just  Check “The best cricket betting Apps for ICC T20 World Cup” if you’re looking to bet on the upcoming World Cup matches. You can also do a quick search for NFL betting apps if you want to look for apps with NFL odds. The bottom line is that, whatever sports event it is that you’d like to bet on, there would be an app that you can download.

The Shift to Mobile Betting

When online sports betting started, people didn’t mind logging in to websites to be able to shop for odds and place bets. However, times have changed and everything feels like it has to be on-demand. This is why plenty of things that have gone mobile easily attract consumers. It is no different for people who enjoy sports wagering.

Gambling companies have shifted a lot of their focus to the mobile market as they should. The number of mobile users is simply astounding that it shouldn’t be ignored. Today, it is estimated that there are over 5.2 billion mobile users worldwide and the majority of them are online.

The online sports betting market has already reached a value of nearly 60 billion US dollars in 2019. This number is expected to double by 2023. Numerous reports from different places are showing that more people are starting to prefer to place their bets with their mobile devices.

An example is how the state of New Jersey in the US would release a monthly report that shows how at least 80 percent of the state’s sports betting handle is from the mobile segment. There was also a report on how New Yorkers would even hop on the train to get within NJ territory and place their bets with their smartphones or mobile devices. New York doesn’t have mobile betting just yet but the state is already moving towards this direction now that they need more tax revenues.

These states are proof that people are simply are starting to prefer betting with their mobile devices and why would they? Betting apps nowadays are full of useful features and punters wouldn’t even have to hesitate about downloading one or more betting apps.

What Makes a Betting App Great

If you’re already considering starting your bets with a mobile app, here are some things that you may want to look for.

  • Live Betting

The best use of a betting app is during live betting. In-play or In-game betting is fast-paced and is best done with a mobile app. Odds are usually only shown in less than a minute when participating in live betting and this can be a tough activity if you do not have the app.

  • Payment Solutions

People are making online transactions more than ever and since we want to get things done right away, we no longer mind saving out banking information on our mobile devices. Many betting apps would allow you to connect your betting account to a digital wallet which could make transacting with them so effortlessly.

  • Features

Even if your primary reason as to why you’ve downloaded a betting app is to place bets, many bookies are allowing you to do more. Some betting apps not only have odds that you can bet on but also casino games that you can play. If you’re a sports geek and want to be updated on the latest events, there are also betting apps with featured articles that you can read. Some apps also allow you to stream the matches live and monitor the tournament scores and ladders in real-time.


Mobile betting apps are here to stay and it’s just a matter of time before the majority of online bettors start to realize how better this option is. With more people projected to download mobile apps, we can only expect that app features are going to get better. Overall, mobile betting apps make sports betting an effortless experience.