Why You Should Use Free Time during Lockdown to Learn Portuguese Language from Home

Want to learn a new language?! Now is the right time. When almost the whole world is in lockdown, you can work on learning a second language. There are many creative ways one can learn such as TV shows, webs series, books, online courses and more. Lockdown and quarantine is a new lifestyle, which people are compelled to adopt. Instead of watching mindless movies and shows, one can invest their time in learning a new language.

Is there a language that you started learning in school and had to discontinue due to some reason? Or is the kind of work you do that demands learning a new language? Whatever may be your reason, it is never too late.

Portuguese is an official language for many countries such as Portugal, Angola, Brazil, East Timor, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, as well as São Tomé e Príncipe. It is also widely spoken in Asian countries like Gao and Macau. It is one of the world’s 6th most extensively spoken languages with approximately 230 million speakers.

Improve Your Portuguese Language Online In An Easy And Fast Way

Lusa Language School is one of the best providers of online Portuguese courses. If you are looking for a good interactive online experience, then this is the best choice to learn Portuguese from home. They offer private online classes for all those who have tight study schedule and rigid working hours

Learn Portuguese at Lusa Language School – How it works?

Before you enroll for Portuguese online lessons, it is important to understand how it works.

  • The lessons stress on all the elements of the language, giving the students a chance to interact and participate in the class.
  • Online language tutors follow your progress personally, and based on that they’ll guide you. They’ll also send you study materials and a few exercises, so that you practice and improve.
  • They allow you to access free study materials during the online classes as well as for your self-study to maximize the end results.
  • Their courses are certified by DGERT
  • Courses are taught by their highly qualified and native teachers, having years of experience in teaching Portuguese to students from other countries.

Reasons to Learn Portuguese

Global Relations

Portuguese is a significant language as far as the economic development and diplomacy is concerned, since it is widely spoken in many parts of the world.

Career Opportunities

By learning this language, you can easily prepare yourself to work in diverse fields such as consulting, planning, tourism and hospitality, finance and banking, diplomacy, journalism, information sciences, government, social services, publishing, advertising, linguistics, health, media, law and arts.


Knowing Portuguese can come quite handy when you are traveling to other countries where locals also speak in the same language. Not only you can communicate well with them, but also create a good bonding.

Easy Ways to Learn the Language

Lastly, some of the simple and handy ways to learn Portuguese language from home are using an App, joining online classes, label everything, turn on the subtitles while watching movies or shows, join online native speaker communities, and more.