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How Short Courses Work as Career Enhancers?

In today’s highly competitive and bustling environment, job seekers are supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades. If you are also a job seeker, then prepare yourself to win the hearts of employers. Rather than spending a high amount of time in...



INTRODUCTION We are very familiar with the word data science as it is in trend everywhere. The data science technology is becoming the new approach for companies. The executives are preferring the data science technology for business intelligence. This technology...


Definition of Dedicated Server

If you are launching a new business website, you are probably IBM helpdesk researching the various hosting options that are available to you. You will possibly come across an assortment of hosting types such as: Hybrid servers; VPS; Cloud; Dedicated...


5 Amazing Beaches in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta can be the beginning point to some thrilling adventures in Indonesia, from sand surfing, cliff climbing to the exhilarating sensation of merely walking across a suspension bridge. Below is a list of some beaches near Yogyakarta, where you can...

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