3 Questions To Ask When Installing A CCTV Surveillance Camera In Singapore  

As a homeowner or entrepreneur, you are responsible for keeping your family, employees, or customers safe and comfortable. You should do your best to keep them from feeling threatened or terrified while staying within your property. Fortunately, you can do various ways to keep your premises secure from various dangers—especially those caused by unlawful individuals. You can build tall fences and gates, hire security personnel, or use different innovative devices like the CCTV camera.

Also known as video surveillance, the CCTV or closed-circuit television system is a network of cameras that can help you deter criminal activity and investigate an occurrence. It transmits live video feed to one or a set of monitors, allowing property owners like you to keep an eye on the premises of their residential, commercial, corporate, or industrial structure.

According to various sources, German scientists invented the first CCTV-like system in 1942. They used the surveillance setup to oversee the launch of their V2 rockets, the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile. Americans then used CCTV to monitor their tests for the atomic bomb they used against Japan during World War II.


But despite its grim background, the CCTV surveillance system is a technological feat that has improved the quality of life of many. Instead of monitoring missiles, people now use the camera system to prevent crime, assess disasters and accidents, and check vehicle density on roads. Researchers also use CCTV to research since it allows them to monitor an individual or a crowd’s behaviour to help them develop methods, products, or services to benefit the public.

CCTV cameras in Singapore work like any other modern surveillance system. A video camera with image sensors records a motion picture, transmits it to software through cables or wireless networks, and feeds it to a computer monitor where an individual can watch the live recording. Some programmes even have built-in features that scan the video for specific images, objects, or behaviour that may indicate danger.

Believe it or not, you can have this innovative technology at your home, store, or office since CCTV surveillance cameras are prevalent in Singapore. But how can you ensure you get the system that suits your needs and preferences?


What To Ask When Getting A CCTV Surveillance System

Like getting other products or services for your property, you should ensure that you get a CCTV camera in Singapore with the best quality. Never opt for a suspiciously cheap one that malfunctions within a few weeks of usage. Moreover, you should ensure that you can benefit from a CCTV surveillance system and know what you need to obtain such a setup.

To help learn what you need to know about surveillance systems and prepare you for your CCTV installation venture in Singapore, ask the following questions to yourself.

1. What Are The Uses Of CCTV Cameras?

Before working with a CCTV surveillance company that provides security camera systems, you should understand what such a setup can and cannot do for your property, constituents, and belongings. You should learn about its capabilities and see if it suits your security needs. If it does not, you can opt for other options like hiring security guards, installing high-quality and inventive lock systems, or getting secure gates with advanced features.

Moreover, determine how you plan to use the CCTV camera to your advantage. Are you getting a surveillance system to prevent unauthorised entry to your property, or will you be using it to monitor your employees and customers? This question will help you understand the perfect camera type and installation area that suits your property.

2. Which CCTV Surveillance System Do I Want?

Thanks to modern technological advancements, CCTV surveillance systems evolved into various types. Among the numerous options, you can choose from nine popular camera types. These options include the bullet, dome, day and night, night vision, C-mount, PTZ or pan, tilt, and zoom, high-definition, wireless, and network or IP cameras.

Before getting CCTV installation services in Singapore, research these different camera types and see which one is ideal for your home or place of business. If you feel unsure about picking one yourself, you can ask experts from a CCTV surveillance company for recommendations. You only need to tell them about your property type, needs, and goals—and they will offer you a list of suggestions that match your preferences and requirements.

3. Do I Need A Permit To Install CCTV?

Various countries have different CCTV laws. Before installing one, you should familiarise yourself with these regulations to guarantee that you are not going against the authorities. Moreover, learning the CCTV laws in Singapore will allow you to ensure that you are not prying into someone’s private life, despite being unintentional.

If you plan to get a CCTV surveillance system inside your residential property, you do not need to ask the local government or building management for permission. But if you want to have security cameras in your office or shop to monitor your employees and customers, you will need to inform them about the presence of a CCTV system in your premises through a sign or sticker.

Meanwhile, you will need to ask the authorities’ permission if you plan to install a CCTV camera outside your house, office, store, or facility. Before they grant you a permit, they will ask you to provide them with proof that you need to install a security camera outside your premises.

Install CCTV Surveillance Cameras Today!

CCTV surveillance cameras have kept millions of individuals from various corners of the world safe and secure. These inventive pieces of technology can keep criminal activities at bay or aid you when investigating an occurrence. Security cameras can also help you establish credibility and reliability with your employees and customers. You can show that you care about your constituents’ safety by installing CCTV systems on your premises.

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