Here’s how online learning apps have transformed education

Gone are the days when students would stack books and notes throughout the year and cram it all in the preparation for final examinations. Throughout history, the state of education has changed, thereby changing the perception of everyone about it. The whole concept of education and learning has transformed over the last decade due to the introduction of a new and quality resource of learning called online learning apps or more popularly known as e-learning apps.

A perfect amalgamation of learning and technology has brought us a gift of knowledge from the comfort of our homes. This has been possible due to the invention of modern tech platforms that have reached a higher proportion of students in the form of online learning apps. These apps are the genie of education that provides access to unlimited books, concept videos, interactive doubt solving, competitive test questions, and much more.

Surpassing the much-anticipated skepticism surrounding learning through online mode these apps have established their concrete forefront in the education field. In the beginning, it was hard to accept the way of learning anything apart from being physically present inside a classroom as in the conventional way of teaching and learning now the learners have access to the world’s quality educational resources wherever and whenever they want.

Fliplearn, a learning app online comes with exclusive benefits to students. Gamified quizzes, free NCERT books, personalized learning tools, etc are a few of such benefits.

This app also offers learning solutions to everyone, regardless of their academic level or accessibility. The app has developed its programs to cater to all the boards and academic education providers by integrating curriculum from state boards, CBSE, ICSE, IB board, etc.

Additionally, online learning apps aim to provide NCERT solutions, which eventually help students grasp their concepts and subjects optimally. These apps have increased the flexibility that helps bring study-life balance for students and is accessible to all age groups from pre-school kindergarten to 12th standard.

The internal competition in the Ed-tech sector has worked to the benefit of students as such a platform provides the best quality resources from the most credible educators. It is because of learning apps online that a student residing in a remote place in India can now earn a certificate from the tier and higher leagues universities.

The use of technologies such as 2D & 3D modeling, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc used by online learning apps has helped students grasp the concepts efficiently and build a strong subject foundation. The learners can cover their subjects & programs at their own pace to understand intellectually. The use of technology in education has made learning a richer experience for everyone. Eventually, bringing a bright future of strong learners and qualified professionals. Technology has revolutionized education, and it’s time we use it to enhance it even more.

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan