4 Tips for a Beginner In a Belly Dance Class

Belly dancing can be daunting for beginners. Many think that even basic steps at belly dance lessons are an obstacle to learning. However, it can be quite a hobby once you get into it. Here are some tips that can make your shimmy look more polished.

#1 Add flourishes to your movement.

Belly dancers use shimmies with various flourishes and moves to create elegant movements. They use exaggerated hip motions to perform pops and locks to the beat of the drum. Upper body, shoulder, and diaphragm motions accompany lighter drum accentuations.

#2 Manipulate your upper body.

Most will learn from their beginner belly dance class that motions should become more fluid and nuanced when the drums become quiet. Match the powerful tempo of the drums by exaggerating your hip and arm movements. You can also move your arms, hands, chest, or head in sync with your shimmy.

#3 Rehearse shimmying in place

Rehearse your shimmy regularly. The undulating motion of your body in your belly dance lessons will become more refined as you get used to it. You may learn to walk or move with your hip shimmy after you have mastered it.

#4 Gracefully walk around

Once you’ve found your stride, gradually transfer your weight onto one foot while maintaining both feet on the ground to maintain your balance. Shift your weight to the opposite foot with the same leisurely, flowing movement. Once you’ve mastered this shift, try moving your weight onto both feet while maintaining your shimmying speed. Gradually go to raising each foot while keeping your shimmy. It is one of the reasons belly dance is beneficial for fitness.

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