4 Signs a Company Needs a Door Access System in Singapore

Having a door access system in Singapore seems like an unnecessary expense. After all, it is a piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance to keep its performance within optimal levels. While some businesses may not necessarily need it, you might be wondering if your company will benefit from it. Read this article to know more about these four signs.

Unauthorised Access

If your company is facing constant unauthorised access from employees and visitors, you may want to consider getting a door access system. While having a CCTV system in Singapore can help you determine whatever activities these individuals do, prevention is critical in avoiding accidents.

Human Negligence

One of the inevitable incidents that could occur in a company is an employee forgetting to lock the property. This situation means that everything on its premises, such as sensitive information, valuable equipment, and assets is open to thieves. Remember that while it isn’t something your employees might commit willingly, having a door access system in Singapore prevents these incidents from happening.

Frequent Rekeying Your Locks

Rekeying your locks is necessary whenever an employee loses their keys. This process is essential to ensure that anything valuable within the establishment remains safe from thieves. However, doing it repeatedly can be expensive and not to mention the hassle of distributing new keys to every employee. Therefore, consider a door access system in Singapore for a safer and more convenient method of maintaining security.

You Want to Protect Sensitive Information

While a time attendance system in Singapore is essential in determining who gains access, malicious individuals can still enter company premises and conduct their illegal activities. Your existing security won’t be able to detect their presence. However, a door access system provides information on who enters and exits your building.

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