5 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication undoubtedly is one of the most important and crucial things at our workplace as it is the key behind building and maintaining a strong sustainable relationship which will get to us important projects are done in time. Communication is not only something which feels good but it also makes certain of good results as found in a study conducted by Watson Wyatt, companies that communicate the most effectively are 50% more likely to report low turnover levels compared with the industry average.

Although if we are fresh in the industry or even if we have endured many seasons in there, there is still a good chance that we may like everyone else would have struggled with communication problems from time to time. This can sometimes may end up disastrously or it may not, then became a strong reason behind the many contentions, misunderstandings, and chaos created at the workplace.

In order to resolve these issues and avoid them when much is at stake, we have compiled a list of these five ways to improve communication in the workplace which will, in turn, helps us to improve the overall relationship between us and our teammates and make our workplace a healthier and growth-oriented space.

John Powell, an English composer best known for his scores in motion pictures truly remarked,” Communication works for those who work at it.” So, here are 5 easy ways to improve communication in the workplace.

Establish a Foundation First:

The more the team trust each other and trust us the more becomes the possibility of them coming forward and communicating clearly at times when some problem arises. So that it is of utmost importance to first build a foundation by establishing a rapport and building connection with our team first. Once we have reached there then, we should also encourage everyone else to do so.

Really Listen:

We are often mistaken by the fact that communication means getting our message across clearly to another person but in reality, effective communication involves a two-way interaction. if we are not really listening before responding then it becomes complicated for both of us, as we do not end up on the same page. Henceforth, we should make sure that to constantly ask questions and pay full attention by avoiding multitasking and engaging in different activities during a conversation.

Find out the other Person’s Preferred Communication Style:

In every workplace, there are team members who are eager to respond to emails in an instant and are involved actively. But there are also other team members who are on slack and do not tend to communicate quickly, hence we should make it a point to determine their preferred communicating style or platform such as email, in-person chat, calls, etc. We can do this by either asking them directly or observing them.

Keep Workflows Transparent:

Let’s say if our team is working on a very big project together and the team doesn’t know about the deadlines and who is responsible for what part of the project in what way. And who they are expected to report on what parts. Then chaos is sure to ensue, therefore it is better to organize a clear and simple walk through by using Excel spreadsheets or some other software so as to keep our team members updated and on the same page. Which will enable us to avoid the risk of miscommunication and the dangers of frustration.

Make people’s role in a group or project clear from the start:

It is very easy for communication in the workplace to break down when people are not able to understand their roles and responsibilities. We should make a transparent workflow and this goes hand-in-hand with it and hence establish a clear-cut role of who is going to be the key stakeholder in the project and by who the team has to take approvals, at each step of the project before the final approval and what will be the faces which the project will go through before its completion.


For instance, we can look at George Scorsis, a Toronto-based entrepreneur and the Executive Chairman of WeedMD. As President of Red Bull Canada, George was instrumental in restructuring the organization from a geographical and operational perspective, growing the business to $150 MM in revenue. This all could not have happened without his Dedication, Devotion, and effective communication skills of which’s output of the same can be reflected in George Scorsis Salary.

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