First aid course – theory and practice

Do you have to take this course even if you have participated in other first aid courses, e.g. at school or work? According to the curriculum of the driving course, each student must complete the first aid course conducted by driving schools. The erste hilfe kurs für führerschein concerns first aid to victims of road accidents, i.e. not only drivers of motor vehicles but also cyclists and pedestrians.

During the course, each student:

  • gains the necessary theoretical knowledge by attending a lecture conducted by a paramedic;
  • with the use of a phantom learns how to properly compress the chest and perform rescue breaths;
  • gains practical knowledge by self-conducted simulation of a rescue operation;
  • learns the correct sequence of actions so that the action is successful;
  • shapes the correct posture against the phenomena of anesthesia and paralysis in extreme situations such as road accidents;
  • become aware of a legal obligation to  assist victims of road accidents;
  • get to know erste hilfe kurs test questions that may appear on the state examination.

What is First Aid?

First aid is a set of activities undertaken to save a person in a state of emergency, performed by a person at the scene of the event, including the use of medical devices and medicinal products made available to the public.

Who is the first aid course for?

It is intended both for people who have never dealt with first aid before and for those who want to revise the previously acquired knowledge and practice their practical skills. Qualified instructors with many years of experience will answer all questions and show “step by step” how to provide first aid in life and health-threatening situations. The course is conducted in theoretical and practical form. It should be remembered that münchen erste hilfe kurs führerschein does not provide the possibility of undertaking medical activities.