5 Steps to Find a Great Trading Mentor

If you want to be a really successful trader, you must learn to think and make decisions for yourself. Yes, at first there is a very lack of support from someone more experienced, but this is well compensated by reading books, watching tutorials and videos, reading different opinions on the forums. Gradually begin to form your own opinion and make your own trading decisions.

The first step you must take is to dedicate yourself to looking for an advisor or mentor who will guide you in the steps to follow to achieve success. Even if you have already started your business, you can also look for this specialist, someone like Certus trading, Credit Suisse, or Interactive Brokers.

Almost all “trainers” who teach how to trade on the stock exchange are in fact only theorists. Those who figured it out and can really transfer knowledge are very few. To begin with, you should get to know someone more or less sincere, not trying to tell you that “the exchange is easy!”

You can scrutinize Certus Trading Reviews until you are sure that the candidate you choose is the right person who will guide you in making your company’s decisions.

You must take into account the following aspects:

  • Identify what your needs are.
  • Define what you expect from a mentor.
  • Be careful when choosing and make sure you hire the best mentor.
  • Keep your goals clear.
  • Take advantage of the time that your mentor offers you.
  • Stay calm in stressful situations.
  • When you have all these details clear, the whole process will flow in a better way.

Search Your Surroundings:

Sometimes you don’t have to look that far. If you know well the people around you, like your family or friends. You could easily identify a candidate who has enough experience and knowledge to help you run your business. If this works, you will save yourself the search process through other means.

Take Advantage of Social Networks:

If you look for your mentor on social media, you have a good chance of finding him. In fact, if you use social networks like LinkedIn, the process will be much faster since you will be able to know the professional profile of the candidate.

Search Specialized Pages:

On the internet, you can find a lot of useful content. Participate in forums where you can count on the opinion of other experts in the area and learn about their experiences. You can even contact them and propose to become your partners and receive their advice.

Expand Your Vision:

You must open your mind and allow yourself to evaluate new opportunities. Stay constantly in the development area of ​​your city and create contacts in organizations such as local, regional, or national Chambers of Commerce. Look for potential business mentors in your community.

Take the most successful models as a reference and get closer to them. Share your opinion with them and take advantage of the suggestions and recommendations that they can give you.

Search Your Same Area:

Instead of being a competitor, you can exchange experiences of business executives of companies in the same area as yours. If it is a larger company than yours, contact the manager and propose to have a work table. Dare to contact him either through a call or email.

James Sullivan
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