7 Best Customizations For Your UK Bookkeeping Software

You must love managing big tasks at a time but have you ever wondered that you can save a lot of time and improve your productivity?

Managing the whole business by yourself requires a lot of constant time and effort. You need to oversee your employees, operations, make strategic decisions, finances, etc. which make you a master of all trades but it eventually affects your opportunities. However, one of the most time consuming tasks is bookkeeping. Even if you have accountants to handle those operations, it still consumes more of your resources. 

Thankfully, UK bookkeeping software exists and it lowers your opportunity cost to a significant level. Furthermore, a customized UK bookkeeping software not only saves a lot of time and improves efficiency, but it also caters purely to your business needs. This option gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors, as you utilize your resources for only those accounting tasks that your business needs. So, for suitable UK bookkeeping software, click here.

Now, let’s understand the best customizations for your UK bookkeeping software.

1. Personalized User Interface

A personalized user interface (UI) feature allows you to change and modify the interface of the software, without any code, according to your business needs. With simple UIs, you can easily hide or show some features with the use of basic buttons or checkboxes. More advanced applications have a drop and drag data fields on the screen, also some may have a library of components to select from.

With this, you have an advantage of streamlining the entering and viewing of the data for each specific user. 

2. Personalized Data Fields

Once you customize data fields you can input your own data in a standardized table. For example, you can check a customer record with a text field of tax identification number. With a powerful personalized data field feature, you can track customer data that’s located outside the system – emails, or spreadsheets. They allow you to align the data reporting with your business processes easily.

Usually, you need a basic technical understanding to set up personalized data fields. That also is the scene with basic softwares, with sophisticated ones, you can easily set-up data fields with only clicks. It is a low-cost method.

3. Personalized Database Connectivity

Sometimes you need a system with which you can easily combine different sets of databases for evaluation and analysis. With personalized database connectivity, you can join multiple database tables together. This helps the custom code in organizing and accessing data for entry in an easy manner.  You can also have a single-view database for reporting purposes.

With this feature, you have a streamlined and organized database with focus on the relevant information to your business.  

Though with basic softwares you need a programming language background to customize this, but advanced platforms make this an easy, non-technical click path for you.

4. Personalized Data Tables

With customized data tables, you have full freedom to add ‘n’ number of data tables. There is no limit to the ability of the personalized data tables to combine, add and relate the company’s proprietary information with that of the software. 

Though the cost of such customization increases with more sophisticated UK bookkeeping software platforms, it won’t require prior coding experience like the cheap, basic ones do.

5. Personalized Navigation Links

Your UK bookkeeping software allows you to customize navigation links to launch personalized coded routines. With this feature, you can navigate the software in an exact manner as your normal business processes work. 

These links and buttons setup commands vary based on your UK bookkeeping software’s sophistication. With basic ones, you require programming skills to personalized the navigation links.

6. Personalized Workflow Rules

With this tool of UK bookkeeping software, you can create or update any data records. It also allows you to send messages or tasks based on your requirements in the database. You can use workflow rules in the following ways:

  • Approvals
  • Alerts
  • Status updates

You need a basic level of technical skills to create workflow rules. 

7.  Personalized Scripts And Timed Jobs

This is the most evolved and useful customization feature of UK bookkeeping software. Personalized scripts automate any number of tasks or updates in the software interface. You can launch the scripts from a dedicated link or button in the software or it can be set up as a timed job.

With a timed job feature you can run scripts automatically on a timer, which is fixed usually on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Mostly, they are tougher to set-up considering the requirement of advanced programming language and database design. Though you will need to test the customization regularly and update with the new versions of the core software.


With a good UK bookkeeping software you can easily access many types of customizations required for your business. Customization elevates your organization bookkeeping operations to another level with freedom to streamline the processes as per your requirement.

You should definitely consider customization of your UK bookkeeping software, as it will not only save your time and money but also harness your data into smart financial reports easily.