A Few Things To Check Before Using The AC 

AC utilization amidst the pandemic is being discouraged by the ministry. It is operated in confined spaces that can sometimes mean people in a closed space breathing the same air. It poses a threat in terms of the transmission of the virus. However, it’s impractical not to use our air conditioners when the summer is just around the corner. But do not be discouraged because we have a list of a few things you can do so that you can still use the Air conditioner while making sure you’re protected.

The following are a few things you should do or keep in mind while operating an Air Conditioner: 

  • Temperature 

The most vital thing of all the do’s we have listed is the temperature of the Air conditioner. It is highly suggestible to operate the AC between 24-30 degrees Celsius while maintaining a relative humidity of 40% to 70 % in the room. If you live in a humid place, it is suggested to maintain the Air Conditioner at 24 degrees celsius. 

  • Air Circulation 

Air ventilation is necessary when you don’t want it to get stuffy with all the AC air in the room. The fan can be kept running to circulate the air properly and fast and also the windows can be kept slightly open as a measure for air circulation, or the exhaust fans can be turned on so that there is proper recirculation of the AC’s cool air intake.

  • Cleaning 

The air conditioners should be properly cleaned every once in a while. You can use an Air conditioner cleaning foam (โฟม ฉีด ล้าง แอร์, which is the term in Thai) to clean your AC properly, and the vents should be cleaned now and then to ensure the air is clean and to ensure there is proper circulation. 

You can use an Air conditioner cleaning foam, order one immediately, and get your AC cleaned by professional AC cleaners. 

These were some tips you should do to maintain a safe atmosphere while using the air conditioner as you beat the heat. The few important things to remember when in a closed atmosphere are maintaining a certain temperature and trying to keep the room properly ventilated. It is important to maintain the Air conditioner properly by cleaning it regularly along with both these things. It is important to be Safe. Happy Summer.