How Sustainable Packaging Aids Aerobic Decomposition

When we talk about biodegradation and composting, some people have always wondered how it connects with sustainable packaging. First, it is primal to note that sustainable packaging is one of the best innovations for businesses and retailing in a fast-deteriorating world. Not all forms of sustainable packaging options are necessarily involved in organic processes such as aerobic fermentation. However, packaging solutions made from organic substances are liable to favor aerobic processes.

  • Getting the facts straight:

Sustainable packaging is not responsible for aerobic breakdown processes. Biodegradation occurs naturally in/by nature; it is fostered by water, molecular reactions, and numerous microorganisms. The clamor for sustainable packaging, especially organic packaging is because they can be naturally influenced to break down with time. That is unlike non-biodegradable packaging options that would remain indestructible for so long without a non-naturally occurring phenomenon.

  • Biodegradation

Like any other organic material, biodegradable packaging all comes in contact with nature and can break down. Water or moisture is an essential factor in this cradle. When it works on these substances, the intramolecular bonds are broken, making it easier for microorganisms and other natural chemical reactions to proceed. With time, these organic activities break down all the components of the packaging, returning them to the almost natural state of dust, mineral resources, or organic carbon compounds.

This process is what also happens at compost sites. With darkness and heat as catalysts, the process is on, and in some days, you have compost. The duration of compost varies from material type or size. It may also be dependent on the kind of control measures that the custodian implements or if they are only to naturally happen.

  • The Chemistry

There is enzymatic degradation of starchy substances into maltose and glucose. The saprophytic bacteria use plant-obtained metabolites. Under a controlled UV light irradiation, the breakdown can be accelerated. Oxygen from air aids the growth of the microorganisms.

  • Applications

Organic decomposition, including that of sustainable packaging materials, finds application in agricultural farms where they are used as natural fertilizers for plants to help increase their growth and yield. It is a good business that can raise a country’s economic capacity when considered. With the growing human population at an exponential rate, more foods are needed, and faster. The breakdown of sustainable packaging helps in this regard.

Biodegradation becomes an option for sustainable packaging in helping to cut down on wastes and favor green earth.