A Quick Guide To Buying The Best Slippers


As slippers have increased in popularity across types, it can be quite confusing at times to pick the best slipper suited for a particular need. Previously slippers were mostly worn at home or in indoor spaces, but now due to the fancy looks and hard soles, they are also worn outside. As people spend most of the hours in a day at home their feet might feel a bit naked without the presence of a pair of shoes. Especially if one is working from home, one needs a great pair of slippers to provide optimum support to the feet and prevent dust and dirt on the floor. There is a variety of slippers available these days which includes in-house slippers, outdoor slippers, closed hell slippers, booties slippers, ballet slippers, spa slippers, clog slippers, slip-on slippers, slipper boots, slipper socks, and many more, each of them serving a different purpose.

What is the purpose of slippers?

While each type of slippers is identified by the designs, all of them serve the following purposes:

  •         Provides comfort throughout the day. Most slippers are made of stretchy fabric to help easily fit around the foot.
  •         Made with fabric that is highly breathable so that the feet don’t feel clogged and sweaty.
  •         Comes with a hard sole to offer comfort while walking.
  •         Today most slippers come in unique patterns and designs making it quite a style statement.

What are spa slippers and how to buy the best pair?

The spa slippers also known as bathroom slippers are disposable slippers that are particularly designed and sold to be worn indoors. When one visits a spa, one needs to change and wear a bathrobe and slippers. The idea is to provide comfort and maintain hygiene inside the space. There are generally two types of material used – non-woven material and plastic or PE. The non-woven materials are disposable ones and are pretty cheap in price if bought in bulk. While plastic ones are not disposable and can be worn several times. However, most spas and resorts use disposable ones due to the hygiene factor.

Coming to the designs there are mostly two varieties available in the market- span open slippers and spa closed slippers. Here are the key features to look for while buying slippers for spas and resorts:

  •         Try to buy slippers the outer surface of which is made of cotton material to provide breathable feeling and comfort throughout the day.
  •         Convenient for storage purposes and can be disposed of easily.
  •         Each pair should be individually wrapped to guarantee 100% hygiene.
  •         The slippers should be multi-purpose and can be used at spas, travel, hotel, bathroom, and aviation.


Slippers that are non-disposable yet made with soft cotton-like fabric can be easily machine washed. Using lukewarm water and some gentle soap or detergent will do the job. One can also consider soaking the slippers in lukewarm and soap water for an hour or so and then washing off the dirt by running cold water on it. To get spa slippers at a huge discount, always consider buying them in bulk from online wholesalers.