With years of experience arranging football tours across the world, we would be happy to share our skills with your team.

Here’s how you can plan a football tournament 22

There will be at least three matches played by your team across the first three days of the tournament. Accommodations include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are based on the entire board. On arrival, you will have dinner.


In Spain, after arriving at the Lloret de Mar airport, you will be transferred to your accommodation by coach. Upon arriving at the airport, you will board the flight to Barcelona or Girona. In the event your flight time permits, you might explore the area before you eat dinner once you’ve checked in to your accommodation.

Monday – DAY 1

Breakfast will be followed by registration and an opening ceremony at your 2022 football  tournament. Group matches will be played in the afternoon. On your first day, you will play your games and then go back to your accommodation.

Tuesday – DAY 2

Your final group matches will be played at the tournament after breakfast. As soon as you have completed all of your matches, you will know your final group position. The remainder of the evening is free for you after you have dinner.

Wednesday – DAY 3

Your team will travel after breakfast to the football tournament in 2022 if they are making it to finals day. The final matches will be held, and you’ll be included in the presentation ceremony once the tournament is over.

Thursday – FINAL’S DAY

If your team has made it to finals day, you will travel to the tournament after breakfast. The final matches will be held, and you’ll be included in the presentation ceremony once the football tournament in 2022 is over.

There is the option of going and watching the action if you do not advance to the final day. You can also visit one of the nearby theme parks, including Porta Ventura if you fail to reach the finals day.


You may wish to spend your final day on the beach one last time or purchase local gifts, many at tax-free prices, before departing your accommodation for your return flight home.