Acing Maths with A Tutor – Finding The Right Maths Tutor

Maths is difficult. Let’s not sugarcoat that maths can be a tough subject to learn and master. It also causes many students to experience anxiety and fear. Dyscalculia is also a real thing. If your child is taking secondary or primary math tuition in Singapore, they’re likely struggling to learn the subject. It’s mostly the case, especially when the examination day is inching closer.

It seems like an unending struggle to ace and master maths in secondary and primary. Most of the time, students can’t wrap their head around complicated equations, problems and formulas that maths often consist of. Thus the common goal for parents and students is to find a decent tuition centre or an online math tutor in Singapore.

Grasping a number of technical and wizardry-like concepts is the fundamental yet the most difficult for a number of young learners. It’s not surprising to see why a formula combined with problems is the dealbreaker for most students when learning maths. While it may not be the hardest subject at school (depending on who you ask), getting used to it seems like the most working way. Thus, finding the right online math tuition becomes an attractive route to solve the problem.

Acing Maths – Selecting The Right Online Tutor For Your Child

One way to prepare ahead of time for a maths examination is to look for online math tuition in Singapore. In today’s world, academic competition between students is the main challenge in learning. It’s almost seen as a motivating factor. Students need to compete with one another, and it adds pressure and difficulty to succeed. Thus, opting for a tutor can strengthen one’s weaknesses and find a quick route to understand complex subjects.

Choosing the right maths tutor online isn’t as complicated as solving a maths problem. If you want to help your child gear up in advance for a maths examination, here’s what you should do on how you can choose an online maths tutor:

Tutor’s qualification and teaching background

Your child will need proper guidance to learn complicated concepts in maths. Thus, a matching online math tutor with an abundant experience in teaching and in-depth knowledge of maths can provide a better learning experience for your child.

If the tutor doesn’t have the qualification, it can do more harm than good for your child. There is a likelihood of teaching wrong concepts, which need to be corrected later. Communication can be problematic since an ideal and qualified online tutor should know how to communicate insights and complex ideas with ease while remaining comprehensible. Thus if you need to look for a Singapore math online tutoring on Google, at least consider verifying their background and qualification.


Availability is among the most fundamental aspects when looking for an online maths tutor. While it does not matter when the tutor is stationed (unless you’re looking for primary or secondary math tuition in Singapore), the availability time period for your child and the tutor should match. Understand that some tutors may only be available for a specific time, which is why some can encounter constraints in matching schedules.

Your budget

Your budget also matters whether you’re looking for a secondary or primary online math tutor. Some tutors can be budget-friendly, while others can be a bit higher than others. All in all, make sure that you ask for their pricing per hour. It’ll give you a way to narrow down your choices, making it easier to decide in conjunction with your allotted budget.

However, you should not compromise too much because of the pricing (like settling with cheap tutors). It’s worth noting making comparisons and weight up the reviews before you set an expectation. Paying a little more guarantees that your child is at the hands of a well-trained and well-qualified online maths tutor!

See what others have to say

Reviews and testimonies do matter when you’re outsourcing quality online math tuition for your child. Being good at claims isn’t good enough. It needs to be evidential and proven. Positive reviews from students and parents speak volumes about a tutor’s capability to provide a positive learning experience that helps students. It can also narrow down your choices and avoid making poor decisions by settling with unqualified tutors.

Acing Maths Exams – How To Study Effectively


Having an online math tutor and studying effectively go hand-in-hand. It’s one of the few secrets in acing maths exams without spending hundreds of hours. Here’s how:

  • Understand the derivation of formulas
  • Understand and learn from mistakes
  • Invest a few minutes per day to solve math problems
  • Develop an understanding of vocabulary and terms
  • Set a reward
  • Keep up with homework

The Bottom Line

There are a number of online math tutors that you can find with a single click. However, taking your time to select one carefully is what you need to find the most suitable online math tutor for your child.

Getting the wrong tutor could set a student’s learning experience aback, and it’s also a potential waste of time and money, to begin with. Consider looking at the most reputable and quality tutor, even if it costs a bit more and never make any compromise. Once you’ve discovered that, you’ll be providing a long-term learning solution for your child that will later affect and manifest throughout their adulthood.

Preparation for a maths examination can be a seed of progress for later growth and development in a student’s life.

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