Apps Can Also Let You Bring Pre-school To Your Home

Pre-School is not a sandpile anymore, we are expecting children to learn certain skills in preschool so that they’re prepared for elementary school. Preschool does add fundamental values as well as certain skills for their higher education. As it is always said, the foundation of a building should be strong so that a building can stay still during difficult times. So we can say that foundation is also important in the education cycle of a person. Preschool is the foundation of children’s education so we should consider it as a pivotal part of children’s life cycles. This is the time they learn something and add some value to their life.

Even preschool education should be interactive to kids rather than a stereotypical education model where they would be bored. And to make kids’ education interactive even in circumstances there are various tools like a kids learning app. These apps can make kids learning interactive and also could give them a better foundation for life as well as their education.

Audio and visual learning is the best for children as it makes interactive learning fun to learn. Stories can also be great for preschool learning. As it helps visualization and imagination of the kids, it helps them to build their vocabulary so they can be well-spoken as well as it helps them in their pronunciation, it also makes their memory sharp, stories always come with a lesson. So even stories are helpful for kids learning, so stories are also important for children as it is not just entertainment but also provides learning. Even in preschool, some plays help children to learn and also teach them to execute.

There are apps called Flintobox and various other apps which can help kids learn as such apps make their education more interesting and interactive. So we can download such apps and various other feature apps that can help kids as well as parents. Such apps also have an immersive user experience which eventually can help them to learn something from scratch. There are various other apps such as HeyCloudy which provide another way of learning through stories, as we mentioned earlier how stories can be important to children and how it helps them to develop and adds value to them.

Kutuki is also an app which is a great learning app for kids and this app has also been mentioned in “Atma Nirbhar App Innovation Challenge” and also in “Mann in Baat”. The best feature of this app is that it lets you learn in your languages such as English as well as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, and Tamil. Isn’t it great? This app is also made in India so it is curated in keeping Indian culture and its values.

So why not download such apps and make your child’s learning journey interactive as well as joyful? Today there is much more a child can learn from an audio stories app.

James Sullivan
the authorJames Sullivan