How To Prepare Your Kid For Preschool At A Childcare Centre In Singapore

Since our young years, we have experienced milestones that mark our achievements. In our early childhood development stages alone, we encounter countless occasions highlighting our accomplishments. During our first few years, we take our first steps, say our first words, and recognise shapes, colours, letters, and numbers. We also take our first classes at a childcare centre in Singapore during this period. But now that you have a loving little family, have you ever thought of how your child will soon experience these milestones, too?

The Importance Of Preschool

Education, including the activities held at the top preschool in Singapore, is a crucial need and right of every individual throughout the globe. It allows people to understand and appreciate their surroundings, develop and sharpen their skills, and build meaningful connections with people.

During your child’s kindergarten years, they will have a safe and guided space to explore and learn about their environment. They will study the world around them, including the living and breathing beings thriving in it. They will develop life skills that will prepare them for their future duties and responsibilities as one of the brightest members of society. Moreover, they will develop their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social abilities through lessons at the best preschool in Singapore. Without kindergarten lessons, kids will not possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for continuous development.



4 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Preparing your youngster for attending lessons at your chosen childcare centre is a crucial step in ensuring they can make the most of their time at the facility. Sending your little one to school can be an emotional moment for you, your spouse, and your child, but allowing them to leave your nest, even for just a few hours in a day, means allowing them to explore the world and prepare for their future.

Feeling nervous about your child’s first classes at the best preschool in Singapore is expected and natural. Both you and your young one may feel restless during their first day at school since learning to spend time apart can be anxiety-inducing.

While parents like you know how to handle their emotions, kids have difficulty expressing and managing them since they have not acquired such skills yet. If your youngster finds their transition to preschool difficult, they may throw tantrums, cry non-stop, or become unresponsive to their teachers since they cannot communicate their feelings well.

Fortunately, mums and dads like you can prepare children for their first few classes at your chosen top preschool in your area to keep them from getting anxious about spending time with strangers in a different environment. Scroll through to learn a few tips to help your child feel ready for kindergarten.


A. Watch Shows Or Read Books About Going To School

Desensitisation is the first step to reducing fear and nervousness. Once your young one becomes aware of why leaving home and attending school is important, they will become more comfortable and confident in attending classes at a childcare centre.

To get your child acquainted with the thought of going to school, start watching cartoons or young age-appropriate shows with characters attending classes at an educational institution. You may also read picture books about kindergarten during playtime or before bed to help your little one understand why they should attend lessons at the best preschool in Singapore and what can happen during their classes. These shows or books will help them learn how their school can help them understand the world, participate in various activities, and make friends.


B. Practice Getting Ready For School

Routines are crucial when getting ready for school. However, doing activities your kid is not used to can confuse them and take a toll on their minds and bodies, making them hesitant to attend lessons at their bilingual kindergarten.

To help your young one adjust to the routine for when they go to school, you can introduce them to it months or weeks before their first day of classes. You can practise waking up early, taking a bath in the morning, putting on clothes and shoes, or packing bags to prepare them for the new routine. You can even turn these activities into a game with the help of the instructors of your chosen childcare centre in Singapore. Additionally, you and your child can take a trip to their learning facility a few times before their school starts to introduce them to the surroundings and keep them from feeling nervous or overwhelmed on their first day of classes.


C. Build A Goodbye Routine

Saying goodbye to your child on their first day of school can be challenging and emotionally draining. Since they were a baby, they have spent most, if not all, of their time by your side—and seeing you leave them with a group of strangers at a childcare centre can make them feel scared and upset.

To help your youngster accept that you cannot be with them during their classes, you can explain why you need to leave them while reassuring them that you will be back for them and see them at the end of their lessons. You can also give them an item that can remind them of you so they would feel less nervous about not having you during their classes. You can also create a goodbye routine to help reduce their anxiety about attending lessons at your chosen top preschool in Singapore.

Sign Your Kid Up For The Best Preschool Today!

Preschool marks a significant change in a kid’s life. Attending kindergarten lessons allows them to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills essential for understanding their surroundings and themselves. However, being at a childcare centre can also be anxiety-inducing to a child. Undergoing a sudden and overwhelming change can make your little one feel nervous and terrified, so it is crucial to understand how you can prepare them for their kindergarten lessons by following the tips above.

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